It’s Happy Hour! This issue, we pay tribute to a thriving drinks scene in Singapore, one that sees as many as 13 bars making it to this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, notably more than Hong Kong or Tokyo.

Plus it’s that time of year when we’re reminded left right and centre that year-end festivities are near. We help you gear up to be in good spirits with the same.

First up, the art of ageing cocktails, and a distilled tour of bitters, whisky and that notorious green fairy, absinthe. Then it’s a short note on Atlas’ new Juniper Society, followed by five easy-to-whip-up cocktail recipes by Vijay Mudaliar of Native bar. Get a closer look!

In our regular lineup, we have Trending – Tea-tillating Roasts; a Q&A with chef Joseph Yeo, SPRMRKT in Chef du Jour; the latest foodie produce, home and kitchen products to covet in To Market and Home & Kitchen; in Restaurants, new openings and menus to sink your teeth into such as Blackwattle and Racines; a winemaker interview with Enrique Tirado, Don Melchor; an ode to Romagna’s Sangiovese; and in Travel, a discovery of Portugal’s culinary delights.