Netflix and chill with chefs from all woks of life as they battle it out in the toughest cooking competitions on reality television

With the flurry of exciting offerings, it can be difficult at times to catch up with some of the better culinary programmes even while on a Netflix binge. You can now skip the hassle of searching for quality culinary programmes with our guide to the best cooking competition shows on the streaming service. You are welcome!

1.  Nailed It! (2018)

An Emmy-winning Netflix Original series baked for entertainment, Nailed It!, celebrates kitchen catastrophes and rewards the ultimate winner with a $10,000 prize. This low-skilled yet high-stakes baking competition, where inexperienced bakers courageously attempt the daunting feats of recreating culinary masterpieces, consists of two progressively demanding rounds.

Laugh along with comedian and host Nicole Byer as the amateur contestants materialise hilariously tragic creations at their stations.

Judges, from left: guest judge Matt Walsh, Nicole Byer and Jacque Torres (Photo: Netflix)

If you thought you were a mess in the kitchen, Nailed It! will be sure to comfort you with all its ghastly mishaps.

Contestants attempting to replicate a four-foot-tall rocket cake (Photo: Netflix)

We spoke to Weston Bahr, the associate director of Nailed It!, whose advice to home bakers watching the show is simple: “Baking is a science, if you freestyle it, something isn’t going to turn out right.” Bahr also doubles up as a funky character who brings out the trophy each episode, decked out in costumes to match the theme. See if you can spot him!

A show that doesn’t take itself too seriously with a generous sprinkle of puns, we’re sure Nailed It! will get you chuckling along for the ride.

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2.  Sugar Rush (2018)

Sugar Rush is the Candy Crush of Netflix; equally addictive and irresistible. Indulge in this Netflix Original reality series where, interestingly, time is the most important ingredient. Each nerve-racking round sees contestants churning out cupcakes, confections and cakes to a timer.

With each round centred around a theme, four teams of two have to bake as fast as they can to head to avoid getting eliminated. Any extra time saved from the first two rounds can be brought forward into the final bake-off.

It’s a fast-paced competition of skills and time management, judged by highly-acclaimed chefs Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo along with a different guest judge in each episode. The winner of the show walks away with $10,000.

Judges, from left: host Hunter March, Candace Nelson, Adriano Zumbo and guest judge Richard Blais (Photo: Netflix)

Tensions rise as one team is eliminated every round and you’ll soon find yourself rooting for one of the last two teams as they bake off in the final round.

Contestants putting their finishing touches to their science-themed cake (Photo: Netflix)

Get a virtual sugar rush from the explosions of colour on your screen as extravagant cake designs pencilled by these ambitious bakers come together at their stations!

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3.  The Final Table (2018)

Yet another popular Netflix Original series is The Final Table. The world’s best chefs compete in pairs to plate the national dishes of nine chosen countries. In each cut-throat episode, celebrity ambassadors, food critics and culinary legends select and judge these dishes to determine which teams are safe from elimination.

With a full pantry of fresh ingredients at their disposal, these 24 chefs cook up stellar dishes to vie for the prestigious prize of claiming a seat at the final table alongside their culinary heroes. The contestants are chefs notable in their own right and include Australian culinary icon Mark Best, winner of the 1995 Josephine Pignolet Award and owner of restaurant Peninsular Bistro in Sydney. 

The best of the best on The Final Table (Photo: Netflix)

Entering dramatically every episode, host Andrew Knowlton draws viewers in with his charisma. In the final episode, the last two teams split up and compete as individuals in the ultimate challenge of presenting their very own signature dish that defines them as chefs. Watch as these top chefs work their magic at their stations, as they attempt to cook and plate dishes they might not have even heard of before.

Mark Best and Shane Osborn on The Final Table (Photo: Netflix)

With a grand prize at stake and reputations on the line, The Final Table’s nail-biting finale will be sure to have you at the edge of your seat.

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4. The Chefs’ Line (2017)

Judges, from left, Dan Hong, Mark Olive and Melissa Leong (Photo: Netflix)

On the Australian reality television show, The Chefs’ Line, it is passion versus profession as home cooks square off against professional chefs. Four contestants cook through six cuisines, each time taking on the chefs in charge of various kitchen stations, where one of them will be eliminated after each round. Whether moving from the entremetier to boucher, participants have to prove their mettle competing against the professionals.

The food is judged by executive chef Dan Hong, Australian chef Mark Olive and food writer Melissa Leong in a blind-tasting. Whoever wins best plate is awarded with The Chefs’ Line trophy.

Contestants presenting their plates of Potjie, a popular African dish, cooking against station chef Alex from Restaurant Africola (Photo: Netflix)

After four intense rounds competition, you’re treated to a behind-the-scenes at the Australian restaurant the professionals work at. It’s a great way to peek behind the curtains of some of Australia’s best restaurants such as Anason, New South Wales’ Best New Turkish Restaurant, and Dandelion, an award-winning Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne.

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5.  Zumbo’s Just Desserts (2016)

Follow 12 skilled bakers on their magical journey through Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Judged and hosted by well-known pâtissier, Adriano Zumbo, as well as accomplished cook and broadcaster, Rachel Khoo, this show is for those with a sweet tooth.

Inspired by Willy Wonka, Zumbo’s dessert factory features a magnificent rainbow floor. Upon entering, contestants are greeted with a table decked out in treats that hint at the upcoming challenge they will have to tackle in each episode.

Each challenge sees contestants whipping up a sweet treat according to a recipe from Zumbo himself. The weakest two then enter a death-match aka the Zumbo test, where they have to recreate Zumbo‘s intricate original creations.

Daniel Treacy on Zumbo’s Just Desserts Season 1 (Photo: Daniel Treacy)

We spoke to Daniel Treacy and Catherine Zhang, both top contestants in their respective seasons on the show, to learn more about their experience on air. With a philosophy to “live in the moment and never stop learning”, Treacy named Zumbo as the reason for joining the competition. “Having the opportunity to be critiqued and mentored by [Zumbo] is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he adds.

Catherine Zhang on Zumbo’s Just Desserts Season 2 (Photo: Catherine Zhang)

Zhang shared that the final Zumbo test was the highlight of the show for her. She said, “it definitely wasn’t easy, and there were so many ups and downs as I tried to recreate a table entirely out of chocolate. That being said it’s not everyday you get to build a chocolate table and the struggles make the show fun to watch”.

Catch their mind-boggling pastry skills in action as both chefs face the Herculean task of recreating outrageous desserts on Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

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