Cookies, breads and cakes; they have them all. These three enthusiasts make baking a breeze with their fuss-free baking kits!

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with baking. You may take delight in that decadent piece of brownie but dread the washing up and deciding what to do with leftover ingredients.

If you’re wishing for a less anxiety-inducing process, check out these incredibly convenient baking kits. They come with recipe cards, ingredients that have been pre-measured and baking equipment. Just follow the instructions and you’ll soon be taking out hot pastries from your oven at home.


So passionate in producing the finest artisanal breads and pastries, Bakeri assures exceptional taste and quality in all their products. Committed to simplicity, they produce delicious handcrafted bakes, made with no preservatives. The bakery features a range of bread loaves, pastries, cakes, family packs as well as baking kits that are suitable for families. Reflective of their values, Bakeri’s baking kits are simple and straightforward. Some of the more popular ones are the crunchy Earl Grey Chocolate Cookies ($26 for 35 pieces), the ultra rich Walnut Fudge Brownie ($35 for two 950g slabs) and the zesty Lemon Chia Seed Pound Cake ($28 for three loaves).

(Photos: Bakeri)

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From Nutella to Oreo, Thai Tea to Earl Grey, Bakestarters present a wide range of familiar flavours in many clever ways. They have them in assorted forms of breads, brownies and even cream puffs. With carefully curated recipes from chefs and individually packed ingredients, their DIY baking kits are easy-to-follow and the results are simply delectable. Additionally, visit The Big Bake Theory site set up by Bakestarters for more free recipes and baking tips, like how to create your own muffin liners or problems and solutions to bread making.

Chunky Earl Baking Kit (Photos: Bakestarters)

Thai Tea Tango and Cookies and Creme Loaf (Photos: Bakestarters)

Among many, their more sought-after baking kits include Chunky Earl cookies with dark chocolate couverture ($24.95 for 24 cookies), Thai Tea Tango cheesecake brownies ($31.95 for 16 slices) and Cookies and Creme Loaf Cakes ($25.95 for two loaves). These kits also come with a recyclable ice pack to ensure your cold ingredients remain fresh.

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Whiskit Bakery and Cafe

Always wanted to have the perfect high tea at home? You can now do so with Whiskit’s Bake-Kit Yourself packs. They include pre-weighed and pre-packed ingredients with disposable baking cases along with recipe cards and instruction videos on their website.

Hazelnut Speculoos Tart bake kit and Earl Grey Lavender Loaf (Photos: Whiskit)

Whiskit has four bake kits available, Earl Grey Lavender Loaf Cake, Hazelnut Speculoos Tart, Fudgy Chocolate Brownies and Chocolate Cupcakes. These are priced at $40 per kit, including postage.

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