Organic delivery options that will be sure to redefine your dining experience

Embodying the flavours of Southeast Asia, these five restaurants deliver organic and healthy dishes to your doorstep. Packed with essential minerals, these familiar favourites will transport you to the far reaches of Southeast Asia with every bite.


Restaurant IndoChine presents a gastronomic escape to Southeast Asia with its nutraceutical cuisine comprising nutritiously artisanal dishes.Their signature Seafood & Chicken Crispy Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) features traditional crispy Vietnamese rice paper rolls stuffed with crabmeat, chicken, prawns and greens to a well-balanced dish if you asked us!

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River Wok

Enjoy River Wok’s exceptional array of Indochina cuisine at home and inhale the aroma of fresh spices that adorn your plate. And just like that, you are transported to idyllic villages of Southeast Asia.

The restaurant’s Pho Bo Wagyu features Vietnamese rice noodles in a rich beef broth with tender slices of wagyu beef, making this traditional Vietnamese dish nutritiously addictive.

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Food Rebel

With its authentic dressings, sauces and soups made from scratch, Food Rebel presents organic dishes with diverse flavours suited to any palate.We recommend ordering the Rebel Buddha, a gluten-free vegan sweet potato and chickpea bowl that includes a nutritious combination of beetroot hummus, quinoa, tofu-avocado mix and Tahini dressing.

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The Rice Table

Indulge in iconic Indonesian dishes as you recreate The Rice Table’s signature buffet experience at home with its extensive selection of dishes.This popular dish of Ayam Panggang boasts a healthy garnish of fresh herbs and spices atop a tender piece of chicken, grilled to perfection.To place your orders, please visit for more information.


Tamarind Hill

Indulge in a modern twist to fine-dining at home with Tamarind Hill’s array of Thai and Burmese recipes passed down for generations. Relive the rustic ambience of this restaurant at home, with traditional and modern flavours found within the variety of dishes this restaurant offers.Characterised by its blend of whole spices and peanuts that perfume this famous dish, the Massaman Beef Curry offers a mild sweet twist to traditional Thai curry with tender chunks of beef that melt in your mouth.To place your orders, please visit for more information.


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