Specially created by Laut Collective, these cocktails each tell a Southeast Asian story from the past

After countless years of bar experience in the Food & Beverage industry, Leon Tan and Frank Shen joined forces to create Laut Collective, a restaurant that celebrates being Southeast Asian. Fascinated by its rich and diverse culture, the duo meticulously explores the histories and significance of Southeast Asian ingredients. With great attention, Laut Collective serves up an authentic and sincere spread, paying homage to the region in every bite!

Drawn by the use of produce native to the region, they create familiar yet clever pairings of flavours. Especially so, their range of cocktails features ingredients like gula melaka and rice vinegar.  

With a name that is dear to many, Soy evokes familiarity with the combination of gula melaka arak, spiced mango, tamarind, clarified fermented soy and chrysanthemum. Grass, just slightly peculiar sounding, is constructed with rojak gin, toasted rice vinegar, pickle brine and, yes, grass kombucha!

Kumquat and Pineapple bring tropical vibes with citrus fruits frequently enjoyed in Southeast Asia. The former is a concoction of Malaysian molasses, kumquat, root tincture and aged Vietnamese sweet potato. The latter refreshes with aged Malaysian molasses, Borneo peppers, grilled Sarawak pineapples and trigona mead!

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, buah keluak, while originally poisonous, is carefully processed and stripped of its toxins for safe use in the cocktail Banana. It consists of aged Malaysian molasses, buah keluak infusion, gula jawa and pisang berangan. Last but not least, Dragonfruit embraces the elegant pairing of Straits spiced vodka, red dragonfruit, smoked longan and sour plum cordial.

Priced at $48 for 250ml bottles and $88 for 500ml bottles, these cocktails are also available for delivery. Visit laut.com for more information.



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