Few cultures are as defined by wine as Italy’s and not only is it the world’s largest wine producing country, the nation also boasts the greatest variety of grapevines. At Borsa Vini Italiani 2019, sample this diversity as a fine selection of wineries have been curated to showcase their wines, their passion, expertise and heritage. In this first teaser instalment, get to know some producers from the northern wine growing regions of Italy.


Italy’s third largest wine producing region consists of two distinct sectors that meet near the capital of Bologna. To the west lies Emilia, known for its Lambrusco. This fizzy wine comes in shades of inky purple to pink and are made from grapes traditionally grown on high-trellised vines. Romagna’s wines predominantly use the native Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Albana grapes.

At Borsa Vini: Unexpected Italian

Unexpected Italian

An exclusive brand ambassador for fine Italian boutique wineries, Unexpected Italian manages a portfolio of highly selected and representative wines from all over Italy. As its name suggests, they focus on wines of native grape varieties, which are characterised by authenticity, uniqueness and quality as an expression of Italian biodiversity.


This northeastern Italian region touches the Adriatic Sea and shares a border with Austria and Slovenia. Their highly distinctive white wines – made predominantly from Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Friulano – account for 60% of its production. Friuli’s reds are often light and fruity, and best drunk young though there are reds with excellent aging capacity, most notably from the Refosco, Pignol and Schioppettino grapes.

At Borsa Vini: Antonutti


Established in 1921, Casa Vinicola Antonutti’s almost one hundred years of history has span four generations of winemakers. The estate has 68 hectares of vines, planted in the best soils over the Grave appellation. From viticulture to viniculture, Antonutti combines tradition with innovation to produce high quality range of wines.


Despite accounting for only 7% of Italy’s wine production, Piedmont is celebrated for its extremely high quality wines. The region is best know for its bold reds from the Nebbiolo grape, including Barolo DOCG and Babaresco DOCG; though its most planted red grape vines are Barbera and Dolcetto. From its white grapes, Piedmont produces the popular sweet sparkling Moscato d’Asti and still Gavi and Arneis.

At Borsa Vini: Consorzio China Promotion

Consorzio China Promotion is an association of Italian wineries from north to south Italy, focusing especially in Piedmont and Sicily. Expect to sample some Barolo and Monferrato. The association also organise wine and food related tours around Italy that include white truffle hunting, harvest grape picking and food tastings.


Tuscany is home to some of the world’s most notable and excellent red wines: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano are all predominantly made with Sangiovese. Though not generally known for its whites, the region produces a few standouts from Vernaccia and Vermentino. Tuscany is also known for Vin Santo, a rich, sweet, oxidative-style wine, made from partly dried grapes.

At Borsa Vini: Barbanera


A family winery based on the slopes of Mount Cetona, Barbanera was established in 1938 and is today led by the third and fourth generation. Though initially focusing only on traditional Tuscan wines, the winery’s passion and ambition have led them to produce more modern style wines, and regional wines from Sicily and Puglia.

At Borsa Vini: Batzella

Borsa Vini 2019


In 2000, Khanh Nguyen and Franco Batzella decided to make wine in Tuscany and planted 8 hectares of vineyard in Bolgheri. The vineyard is densely planted while productivity is held low to optimise quality over quantity. Cultivation and harvest are done manually, adhering to sustainable philosophies. Battle produces mostly red Bolgheri, but also white and rosé wines.


Italy’s most productive wine region, Veneto is also the leading producer in terms of volume of classified wines, most notable among them are a trio of wines from Verona: Soave, from the Garganega grape; Valpolicella, generally made from a blend of Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella; and Bardolino, whether as the red Superiore, or the rosé Chiaretto. The region is also known for Prosecco, a tank-method sparkling wine made from the Glera grape.

At Borsa Vini: Bellenda


Located in Vittorio Veneto, in the Prosecco DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills, Bellenda was established in 1986 by the family Cosmo. Since then, Bellenda has been interpreting variations of effervescence—wines that are sparkling or semi-sparkling, with or without sediment, classic or Charmat method—discovering new interpretations of sparkling wines.

At Borsa Vini: Cima Del Pomer

Nestled among vineyards, olive groves and ancient apple trees, Cima Del Pomer is a boutique producer situated in the heart of Montebelluna, on the hills of Asolo. Its annual production of 40,000 bottles is exclusively made up of sparkling Prosecco. The history of its wine cellar dates back to the year of 1800.

At Borsa Vini: Genagricola SPA

Genagricola Spa

Founded in 1851, Genagricola is today the largest Italian agricultural company, owning 25 agricultural estates with a combined total of 13,000 hectares of land. Of these estates, eight are part of their wine division and are spread out across four different Italian wine regions: Veneto, Lazio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Piedmont.

At Borsa Vini: Le Rughe

Borsa Vini 2019

Le Rughe

Since 1961, Roberto Sandro and his family have owned Viniculture Le Rughe, situated in the heart of the Conegliano hills. From their 80 hectares of vineyards in both the DOCG and DOC areas, Le Rughe makes Prosecco. After re-fermentation with the Charmat method, all their sparkling wines remain at a low temperature in an autoclave for at least three months.

If you are keen to get acquainted with Italian wines from the less-spoken Southern wine regions, such as Campania, Puglia, and Calabria; as well as the islands of Sicilia and Sardegna, click here or below to register for our wine workshops conducted by Mr Lim Hwee Peng.

The workshops will be held at Activity Studio @ Mahota Commune (809 French Road, Level 3, Kitchener Complex) on 15th, 22nd and 29th October 2019. Workshops will take place from 2pm to 5pm.

This post was made in partnership with the Italian Trade Agency.

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