15 mooncakes to choose from to mark the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

The annual festival where we munch on mooncakes and admire the moon takes places every 15th day of the eight month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Mooncake festival 2019 falls on 13 September. Stories about the festival’s history abound, but one of the most common revolves around a lady named Chang Er. Her archer husband saved the day when he shot down nine suns that were burning up and destroying Earth. By a turn of events, Chang Er took an elixir meant for him and ended up receiving a life of eternity on the moon. From then on, the mooncake festival has been held every year in remembrance of her. A week ahead of the festivities, here are more than a few mooncakes to tempt the moon seeker’s taste buds.

Fresh and Fruity 

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Kiwi dragonfruit manuka honey

Goodwood Park Hotel

Fruit lovers will go crazy over Goodwood Park Hotel’s selection of fruity snow skin mooncakes. Try their new offerings such as kiwi dragonfruit manuka honey ($56 for four) and premium duo: Mao Shan Wang and Black Thorn durian ($62 for one of each), or stick with evergreen tropical fruity flavours, such as mango with pomelo ($56 for four) and cempedak ($64 for four). Sample a little of each in the new snow skin combo of kiwi dragonfruit manuka honey, mango with pomelo, cempedak and D24 Durian ($66 for one of each). To order, visit The Deli, call +65 6730 1868 (general)/6730 1867 (corporate) or place your orders here.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Berrylicious snow skin mooncakes

Carlton Hotel

Those with a taste for superfood berries may want to get their hands on the assorted mini berrylicious snow skin mooncakes featuring blueberry, cranberry, raspberry and strawberry ($72.75 for eight). Made with 20 per cent less sugar, they are a tad healthier too. Place your order here or visit their booths at Bugis Junction, Junction 8 and Tampines Mall from 2-13 September.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Luscious durian mooncakes and more

Mdm Ling Bakery

Mdm Ling Bakery’s rich, creamy durian snow skin mooncakes ($88 for eight pieces) will satisfy all your durian cravings. The Mao Shan Wang durian filling melts in your mouth while the pillowy pale white snowskin is soft and melds with the durian in one luscious bite. To order, visit their website, call 87874142 or email hello@mdmlingbakery.com.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Pineapple custard mooncake


If you like the Taiwanese style of pineapple tarts, you might like its close cousin, the SunnyHills pineapple custard mooncake (six per box for $45). A limited edition product celebrating SunnyHills’ 10th anniversary, the mooncake comprises pineapples from Taiwan’s Bagua Mountains and a dash of salted egg. Available here, at SunnyHills Singapore’s flagship shop at Raffles Hotel, or at its outlet at Takashimaya B2.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Mother of Dragons

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

This beautiful Mother of Dragons mooncake ($81.30 for eight) is inspired by MO Bar’s Mother of Dragons cocktail of strawberry aloe vera and dragon cachaça. A dragon fruit lotus paste made with Mother of Dragons essence distilled from a rotary evaporator is the main act, while chunks of candied dragon fruit and a dash of lime zest form the supporting cast. The mooncakes are also available in an assortment of eight mini snow skin mooncakes comprising Mother of Dragons; lychee martini and chocolate truffle; custard paste with rose petals and chestnut; and osmanthus and walnut ($81.30 for eight). For more information or to place an order, please call +65 6885 3081.

The Boozy Bunch

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Orangetini and lycheetini

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

New in The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s assorted mini snow skin martini mooncakes range is the Orangetini featuring a chocolate, orange zest and liqueur concoction. Alongside, their signature Lycheetini filled with fruit liqueur and lychee bits is a familiar ensemble. Enjoy them together at $78 for a box of eight. To place an order, head here, call +65 6434 5190 or email rc.sinrz.mooncakes@ritzcarlton.com.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

White lotus seed paste with Singapore Sling praline

Holiday Inn Atrium

Xin Cuisine’s new white lotus seed paste with Singapore Sling praline snow skin mooncake melds mildly sweet notes with a hint of booze. Alternatively, go for their regular favourites such as green tea paste with Bailey’s Irish Cream, or pandan paste with champagne praline, all available at $66 for six. Make an order here or at their hotel lobby booth.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Quintessential champagne truffle mooncakes

Raffles Singapore

Encased in exquisite pastel lilac boxes, Raffles Hotel’s quintessential champagne truffle mooncakes will pair well with refills of prosecco on a balmy night. Or go for something a little stronger with the cognac truffle snow skin mooncake featuring brandy and dark chocolate ganache. Place an order here, or head straight to the Raffles Mooncake Booth at the North Bridge Road Atrium of Raffles Arcade.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Manhattan Hanky Panky

Regent Singapore

The name—Manhattan Hanky Panky ($81.30 for eight)—says it all. Inspired by one of the signature cocktails in Manhattan bar, the playful combination of Ford’s Gin and bitters such as Cocchi di Torino and Fernet Branca is elevated by a dash of chocolate pearls which add richness and crunch. Enjoy them on their own or choose Regent’s Snowskin Collection ($84.50 for eight) for tastes of osmanthus tea and purple cauliflower; Basilico truffle carbonara; and pandan and hazelnut too. To order, head here or email summerpalace@regentsingapore.com.sg.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Assorted snow skin mooncakes

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Enjoy a bite of bubbly with the coconut snow skin mooncake with champagne praline ($72 for eight). If you are not a coconut lover, go for the mocha snow skin mooncake with rose liqueur praline, with coffee, chocolate and mild floral notes. These two mooncakes can available together in a box of eight for $78. Order online, call 6831 4708, or drop by the forecourt of the hotel.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Heavenly Beauties

Old Seng Choong

Old Seng Choong presents two boozy favourites—yuzu martini snow skin as well as the rum and raisin with dark chocolate pearl—in their Four Heavenly Beauties mini snow skin set ($68.80 for eight). Enjoy them with the new yam with pumpkin snow skin and the pandan and gula Melaka snow skin. Place your orders here, in-store at Clare Quay Central or at their booth at Ngee Ann City B2.

Tea Treats



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Janice Wong Singapore

This year, pastry chef Janice Wong gets creative with inspirations from Japanese ingredients such as kinako or roasted soy flour from Hokkaido, chestnut from Kumamoto, peanut from Chiba, and definitely not least, hojicha or roasted Japanese green tea from Kyoto and matcha or Japanese green tea from Shizuoka. Enjoy them in a Mooncake Box Set ($65 for a box of nine). Place your orders here.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Boba-inspired mooncakes


New this year, Bakerzin’s Bobba Love Collection ($70 for eight pieces) stars four boba-inspired flavours complete with bits of chewy pearls too. There’s the pearl latte snow skin mooncake, the pearl yuan yang snow skin mooncake combining the flavours of coffee and tea, the kanten passionfruit mango grains snow skin mooncake, and the kanten matcha red bean pomelo snow skin mooncake. Available online and at all Bakerzin outlets.

15 mooncakes for mooncake festival 2019

Tea-infused mooncakes


TWG Tea’s  set of four snow skin mooncakes ($60) in their Moon Route Tea Mooncake Collection comprise Pure, a white lotus paste mooncake infused with Moon Route tea, a blend of green tea with red fruits and a hint of citrus; Blossom, a Geisha Blossom tea-infused mooncake with a white chocolate heart; Illumination, a brown lotus paste mooncake infused with Earl Grey Fortune tea, and the Lemon Bush tea-infused Serenity mooncake. Place an order at TWG Tea’s e-boutique or at any of TWG Tea’s tea salons and boutiques.



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Crystal Jade

For those who love their Chinese tea, try the oolong pu-erh baked mooncake from Crystal Jade, which features the earthy notes of pu-erh and the mild fragrance of a light oolong. They come in less-sugar renditions and are paired with the black sesame and lotus baked mooncake in the comes in the eight mini treasures ($68) mooncake set. Available at all Crystal Jade outlets.


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