Featuring over 50 tea, food and lifestyle brands, Singapore Tea Festival 2019 presented by teapasar will be held at Jewel Changi Airport from 19-21 July 2019.

For the lover of teas, tisanes, teaware, tea pairings and more, Singapore Tea Festival 2019’s lineup of new products, innovations and workshops promises a tea-riffic treat. Wine-inspired tea from A.muse Projects’ BREW label, single origin teas from Brew-In Tea such as the first flushes of Jungpana white tea, and unique tea blends such as scarlet roasted tea from Japanese teamaker Arinobu Tea, are just the tip of the iceberg,

Tisanes from Kindred Teas and more at Singapore Tea Festival 2019 - Singapore Tea Festival

Teas and tisanes from Kindred Teas are just one of the highlights

#SGTeaFest Exclusives and New Product Launches

In the sea of tea, look out for exclusive items such as Fossa Chocolate x Pekoe & Imp’s duckshit tea chocolate, featuring a premium ‘duck shit’ oolong tea from Guangdong, as well as The Road Less Travelled Tea Flight from Chariteas from Oregon, U.S, featuring teas such as grey dragon (white tea from Indonesia), amber woods (black tea from Indonesia) and red buffalo (oolong from Vietnam).

Other tea-licious new treats include Craft Tea Fox’s ready-to-drink bottled matcha and hojicha latte, Kindred Teas’ bottled cold-brewed rooibos orange with honey, Botana&Tea’s tisanes made with Greek red saffron, and Pukka from the UK’s range of caffeine-free organic herbal teas such as Love, made with chamomile, elderflower, lavender, licorice, lime flower, marigold and rose. And in a new addition to the festival this year, there’d be plenty of baubly bubble tea to keep away the sweltering heat. Woobbee’s herbal mint milk tea is just one icy thirst quencher to look forward to.

If you fancy keeping up with the latest tea-related technology, drop by teapasar’s booth, where you can have a preview of their new portable ProfilePrint—a rapid food scanner that verifies the authenticity of tea, and offers pairing suggestions with a variety of foods.

All about kombucha - Singapore Tea Festival

An introduction to the world of kombucha

Workshops and Competitions

Dip your toes into the world of Korean tea-drinking culture at the Korean Teas and Culture workshop run by the Australian Tea Masters (Sat, 20 Jul, 2.30-3.15pm) or the art of fermentation at the Basic Kombucha Making workshop (19 Jul, 3.45pm-5.15pm) led by Melissa Mak, a tea sommelier and blender who is the founder of Fizzicle and the SG Fermentation Friends community.

Don’t miss other exciting classes such as the Fossa x Pekoe & Imp Chocolate Meets Tea single origin chocolate and tea pairing workshop (Sun 21 Jul, 6.45pm-8.15pm), or Pétale Tea’s “Make-Your-Own” Blooming Tea workshop (21 Jul, Sun, 4.40pm-6pm) where you will get to sample a few blooming teas from Pétale’s Tropical Paradise menu and learn how to make your own. Sign up for the workshops here.

Time your visit for Sat 20 Jul morning or evening and you’ll get to see the experts having a go at it in the Tea Masters Cup (Sat, 20 Jul, 10am-1pm) and the Kombucha Brew-Off (Sat, 20 Jul, 8-10pm).

B1 Atrium, Jewel Changi Airport. Entrance to the tea festival is free.

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