Drunken Farmer’s pop-up at Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari introduces natural wines with funky-delicious flavours.

With an irreverent name like Drunken Farmer, you can bet that this new travelling wine bar by the Spa Esprit Group is all about drawing a gigantic capital F on fun. It’s right on the mark too. After all, part of the appeal of natural wines—additives-free wines made with a philosophy of minimal intervention—is its message of democratising wine appreciation and embracing whatever funky-delicious flavours (and imperfections) that Mother Nature throws at us.

Home, for Drunken Farmers’ very first six month popup run from March 2019, is Dempsey. Come nightfall, the bar takes over the rustic glamping premises of Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari with a comprehensive, ever-evolving list of 90-ish natural wines.

Drunken Farmer popup 2019

Funky-delicious natural wines

For new initiates to natural wines, Operations and Wine Manager Philippe Chin is the ideal companion—think laidback, down-to-earth guide rather than a prim sommelier. He skimps fancy wine jargon for plainspeak and relatable flavour references, and he’ll happily address the elephant in the room if a bottle is particularly quizzical.

He’s quick to provide context without meandering into long speeches, but he’s also ever-ready to geek out over discussions of biodynamic winemaking eccentricities or the polarising characteristics of funky Jura vinos. For now, the wines are mainly available by the bottle, with a handful by the glass (from $12). And if Chin has his way, parties that pair wine with music, or with literature, might just be a thing.
130E Minden Road. Tel: 6877 4876

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