Who would have thought that a plant-based burger patty made from soy protein, coconut oil, potato protein and heme could look and taste so much like real meat.

We’re talking about the meatless patty by Impossible Foods that offers the flavour, aroma and texture you expect from a beef burger. The Silicon Valley based company created the product with the aim of eliminating the need for animals as a food production technology and making the global food system more sustainable. This is just one example of how technology and innovation is changing the way we eat and drink.

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the harmful effects that food production have on the environment, and demand for healthier ingredients and transparency about where their meals come from, food companies and entrepreneurs are stepping up to meet these challenges.

In this issue, we pay homage to game changers who are revolutionising the way things are done in the F&B industry (p59). We also take a look at some of the innovations and ideas that are rippling through the industry—think a waste-free shopping platform, non-alcoholic spirits, and a food market powered by a futuristic fully-automated ordering experience (p40). A Singapore-based startup Shiok Meats also hopes to build a sustainable future with lab-grown seafood (p68).

Another interesting discovery we made while putting this issue together is healthy snacks made from marine ingredients like kelp and water lily seeds. As technology continues to improve and natural ingredients become easier to cultivate, the trend for innovative food products and services are likely to continue, and we are truly excited for what’s to come.

Enjoy this issue!

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