La Brasserie, Fullerton Bay Hotel’s The Art of Yukimoro promotion showcases an age-old method of harnessing flavour.

Apart from Origin Grill at Shangri-La Hotel, only a few other restaurants use wagyu snow-aged in Niigata. Now from 5 to 30 April 2019 at least, the novelty extends to La Brasserie, The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Their Art of Yukimuro promotion features A4 fullblood wagyu as well as cross-bred Japanese Black wagyu and Holstein beef. The quality meats, sourced from Kyushu farmers, are snow-aged by Mr Takashi Uono of Uoshoku Meats in Uonuma, Niigata.

snow-aged wagyu La Brasserie Fullerton Bay Hotel April 2019

Experience the art of yukimuro at La Brasserie

Since 2012, Mr Uono has been using an age-old technique of preserving food in snow to deepen the flavours of beef, wagyu and pork. He ages the meats in snow-covered facilities known as yukimoro which can harvest snow and use it to keep the temperature of the room between 0-2˚C all year round. From his experience, ageing beef in a constant environment for about 30 days makes the meat sweeter, more tender and have an even richer, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

To showcase the best qualities of the snow-aged beef, La Brasserie’s executive sous chef Zacharie Ong has prepared five dishes that will be available a la carte. Starters such as truffle beef tatare with sunny side up quail egg and nashi pear salad ($48); smoked snow beef carpaccio with shaved asparagus salad, black garlic and cured egg yolk ($43); and barely-cooked tataki with pickled pearl onions, black radish and mustard aioli ($50), whet the appetite with their tenderness and sweetness.

snow-aged wagyu La Brasserie Fullerton Bay Hotel April 2019

Yukimuro snow-aged A4 wagyu striploin

But if you want to only try one dish, head straight for the Yukimuro snow-aged A4 wagyu sirloin ($125) or A4 wagyu ribeye ($179), which are grilled in the Josper oven using apple wood. Mr Uono says himself that the best way to enjoy snow-aged beef and its rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture is to have a steak. The sirloin we had with lashings of umami flavour certainly ticked many boxes for a good piece of steak.

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The Fullerton Bay Hotel, 80 Collyer Quay. Tel: 6597 5288

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