A series of workshops at Siri House from March to May shows why getting your home bar up and running is simpler than you think.

Like the peaceful, lush grounds it inhabits, the multi-concept Siri House by Thai luxury developer Sansiri is homely and zen. Yet its gilded furnishings and bold colour palette suggest that if it’s a home you’re visiting, it’s an artsy one with eclectic spaces to explore.

Where Build Your Home Bar 101 takes place- Build Your Own Home Bar 101 Siri House

Where Build Your Own Home Bar 101 takes place

Step in and the impressive Jam at Siri House restaurant and bar—helmed by Chefs Ming Tan and Jeremy Cheok, and Mark Tay and Yap Hwee Jen of Sunday Punch—greets you. That’s a story we’d save for another day, but turn right and you’d see the gallery Art Space; turn left and you’d stumble on The Shop, a retail space for lifestyle homewares, accessories and other knick knacks by Thai brands such as The Only Market and SODA.

Tack deeper left and you enter the sales gallery introducing Monument Thong Lo, a joint venture between Sansiri and Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit System. The show unit includes a state-of-the-art dining room where three Build Your Own Home Bar 101 workshops will take place over the next three months.

It's a cinch once you know the basics- Build Your Own Home Bar 101 Siri House

It’s a cinch once you know the basics

Build Your Own Home Bar 101—Part 1 (Essential Spirits, Cocktails and Punchbowls for Easy Home Entertaining)

Date and Time: Sunday, 17 March, 4.30pm to 6pm
Price: $150 per person (purchase 2 tickets at $280)
Book here or email contact.sg@sirihouse.com

We were at the preview of this workshop a few weeks ago where Mark Tay, beverage director, and Diveysh Ramesh, senior bartender, of Jam at Siri House, talked about the basic must-have spirit categories, tools, glassware and garnishes needed for building a home bar. They kept energy levels up the whole way with their light banter and explained how with just a few basic spirits and fortified wines such as gin, rum, bitters and sweet vermouth, one could serve up a variety of cocktails. One example is a Negroni, made with gin, campari and sweet vermouth.

Like good amateur mixologists, we dutifully measured out 30ml amounts of each component, gave the concoction a good stir, and topped it off with an orange peel garnish. The group also made a punch bowl together as Mark and Diveysh explained that this was a great house party drink that could be easily rustled up with elements such as champagne, gin and citrus. At the end of the session, Mark and Diveysh made sure we didn’t leave without one of their special Siri House Negroni bottled cocktails, complete with a garnish made by Jam at Siri House.

Explore the world of infusions- Build Your Own Home Bar 101 Siri House

Explore the world of infusions

Build Your Own Home Bar 101—Part 2 (The Art of Home Infusions and Cocktail Batching)

Date and Time: Sunday, 14 April 4.30pm to 6pm
Price: $80 per person
Book here or email contact.sg@sirihouse.com

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, the next two sessions of Build Your Own Home Bar 101 may just be for you. The topics get just a little more geeky each time. The second session, for instance, sheds light on the art of infusions and modifying spirits. The professionals at Jam at Siri will help you master fat washing, cold hot and snap infusions, as well as provide some tips on the best spirits and ingredients to use for each method. As in the first workshop, there’s nothing like trying it out yourself. This time, you’d be making a simple cocktail with their house infusions and learn how to make it in larger batch bottled cocktails for easy use at home. Before you leave, you’d also receive a Jam at Siri House-made distillate to experiment further with at home.

Dehydrated citrus, infused salt, tuile - Build Your Own Home Bar 101 Siri House

Dehydrated citrus, infused salt, tuile

Build Your Own Home Bar 101—Part 3 (Kitchen Meets Bar—Flavoured Foams, Infused Salts, Tuiles and More)

Date and Time: Sunday, 12 May 4.30pm to 6pm
Price: $80 per person
Book here or email contact.sg@sirihouse.com

In the penultimate session, Mark and the Jam at Siri House bartenders will reveal some of their trade secrets such as incorporating food in cocktails using flavoured foams, infused salts, tuiles, crisps and jellies. They will also impart their knowledge about food and beverage pairings and guide you as you craft a special cocktail with creations from their kitchen. As before, there’d be something to take home. This time it’d be a bag of Jam at Siri House-made garnishes.

#01-02 Block 8D Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill. Tel: 9667 0533

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