This International Women’s Day, we celebrate women F&B professionals and the contribution they make to the F&B scene.

From our coverage of women in F&B in our Wine & Dine March/April 2018 Wonder Women issue  last year, individual stories stood out, along with the thought that change rarely happens overnight.

After all, if we look back in history, Women’s Day was instituted at a time when universal suffrage for women and other key rights had to be steadily fought for. Today, it might seem that the conversation has progressed, at least in Singapore. But potential concerns such as wage gaps, invisible glass ceilings and sexual harassment are still highly relevant. Like other issues that affect society, not just women, small steps and sustained reminders may be the way to go.

So this year, to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, we catch up with just three women in F&B—an executive chef, a head bartender and a service captain. They represent a cross-section of F&B professionals who are hard at work today and every other day. Just by being in their roles and doing their work well, they are letting their qualities shine in ways that take gender out of the equation.

Executive chef ArChan Chan, LeVel33 - Women's Day 2019

ArChan Chan, LeVel33

ArChan Chan, executive chef, LeVeL33

Born in Hong Kong and trained in Australia, executive chef ArChan Chan charts the menu direction at microbrewery restaurant LeVeL33. In Australia, she staged in restaurants such as Attica, Acme, Automata, Quay and Six Penny, and was mentored by chef Andrew McConnell, working in his restaurants such as Cutler and Co., the former Golden Fields, and Supernormal. Now at LeVeL33, she uses handy materials such as beer liquors and spent grain to create her modern European repertoire of dishes. Read more about her here.


Priscilla Leong, Long Bar, Raffles Hotel - Women's Day 2019

Priscilla Leong, Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

Priscilla Leong, head bartender, Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

Priscilla Leong was head bartender at various cocktail bars in Melbourne and even co-owned her own German-themed bar before taking on the role of head bartender at the newly restored Long Bar at Raffles Hotel late last year. There, she’s revving up the beverage offerings of the iconic bar, and giving a new spin to well-loved signatures such as the Singapore Sling. She shares her thoughts here.

Yelicia Yeo, Restaurant Zén - Women's Day 2019

Yelicia Yeo, Restaurant Zén

Yelicia Yeo, service captain, Zén

It may sound simple, even a little archaic, to sum up a front-of-house-staff’s role as ‘service with a smile’. But Yelicia Yeo, service captain of Zén restaurant shows that fulfilling an old adage is not as easy as it seems, and when done well, how little efforts go a long way. Find out how she does it here.


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