Perfect for a party or a simple dinner gathering, Li’l Chef’s handmade quiches will impress even the most discerning taste buds. 

Whether you’re looking for fuss-free party food ideas or a quick dinner fix for your family on busy weeknights, you can’t go wrong with serving quiche, a versatile dish that is great for any meal or occasion. Add to that, quiche can be prepared in advance and frozen for reheating without compromising on flavour.

If you’re sold on the idea but do not have time to make your own, fret not, as Li’l Chef offers a variety of quiche that are readily available at Cold Storage, and they are a cinch to serve.

A cinch to serve quiche -Li'l Chef's quiche

A cinch to serve quiche

Convenience and Quality

Available in flavours like salmon spinach, tomato basil, lorraine, onion roscoff and leek, each quiche is made by hand by French chef Louis and his team of chefs. From making the dough to lining the tart pan and preparing the quiche filling, everything is made from scratch, which explains the exceptional taste and texture.

Another notable quality of Li’l Chef’s quiches is the use of premium ingredients procured from all around the world. For instance, the cream, milk and butter used to make the base are all imported from France, as chef Jean Louis wants to recreate the exact same flavour and texture as the ones in his hometown in Lorraine, France. The fillings, too, are prepared with only the best produce—the Roscoff quiche features perfectly caramelised pink onions from Roscoff, France, and they offer a natural sweetness that is far superior to regular onions; the leek quiche, on the other hand, comprises fragrant leeks from the Netherlands.

Li’l Chef’s range of handmade quiche - Li'l Chef's quiche

Entertain with Li’l Chef’s range of handmade quiche


After the quiche is baked to perfection, they go through the process of blast freezing to ensure they stay fresh for a long period of time. Unlike other quiche we’ve tried, we find that Li’l Chef’s quiche offers the perfect balance in terms of the filling to pastry ratio—the lower crust allows for a relatively shorter baking time as compared to those baked in a deeper pie pan, ensuring a creamy, unctuous texture.

We also like that Li’l Chef’s quiche is very easy to serve at home—you just have to remove from chiller before heating it up in the oven or microwave according to packet instructions.

More than just quiche

Apart from different sizes and flavours of quiche, Li’l Chef also offers a range of pies and pastries, all made by hand and with lots of love.


Available at Cold Storage Supermarkets. For more information, and to place your orders, visit Li’l Chef.


This post was made in partnership with TVI Food.


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