Trusty sous chefs from Odette and Nouri tell their stories.

In an age where celebrity chefs often take the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that behind every chef lies a team. And between that team and the chef, often stands a steady second-in-command, the sous chef. This is by no means an easy position to hold. You have an ear to the chef, but for sure, along with it comes great responsibility.


For some, being a sous chef is just a quick pit stop, while for others, the journey is quite the destination. And if they’ve been with one chef for a long time, they get to know the chef’s ins and outs, they have such a stake in the success of the restaurant that it begins to look a lot less like a boss-subordinate relationship and more like a partnership.

Sous chefs Xiong, Adam and Levin with chef Julien - Sous chefs

Sous chefs Xiong, Adam and Levin with chef Julien

It’s the latter symbiotic relationship we find in the sous chef-chef relationships at fine-dining restaurants Odette and Nouri. The sous chefs have worked with their chefs for five years or more and are in no hurry to strike out on their own. Rather than diffidence, it’s a sign of strength. From the looks of it, it leaves the restaurants stronger for it, and is the win-win everyone is looking for.

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