Renowned sushi-ya Hashida Sushi reopens at Mohamed Sultan Road

Mohamed Sultan Road is shaping up to be the next fine dining hotspot. In the last two months, there has been a few high profile restaurant openings including The English House by British restaurateur Marco Pierre White and Lo & Behold’s fine dining Japanese kappo restaurant Esora. The latest to open along this same stretch, right next to The English House, is Hashida Sushi, helmed by chef-owner Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida.

Hashida Sushi

Ikura rice bowl topped with uni

The reopening may come as a surprise to many, since its only been four months since he announced that he would be closing the original Hashida Sushi at Mandarin Gallery (now rebranded as Sushi Ayumu) and focus on opening a restaurant in San Francisco.

Hashida Sushi

Marinated tuna

Regardless, we are delighted that chef Hatch is back and his new space on Mohamed Sultan Road is bigger than before. The two-storey shophouse comprises three dining areas on the first floor—the main dining area can seat 15 people, while the other two private dining rooms can accommodate up to 10 and 8 pax respectively. There is a multi-purpose hall on the second floor, which is dedicated to special events, such as birthday parties, weddings or corporate functions.

Hashida Sushi

Charcoal grilled bonito sashimi with surf clam in liver sauce

Despite the move to a bigger space, his culinary philosophy remains the same, which is to use the best seasonal harvest, and he continues to source for quality produce from trusted farmers and fishmongers. The price for both the lunch ($80 to $250) and dinner ($300 to $500) menus are the same, but offer more diversity. Fans of chef Hatch’s signature otoro or fatty tuna sushi, will be pleased to know that he still prepares this dish the same way—he brings out a huge chunk of tuna belly and carves slices off before draping them over a block of vinegared rice. We love how the mildly sweet and sour flavours from the rice meld perfectly with the fish oils.

Hashida Sushi

Chef-owner Kenjiro ‘Hatch’ Hashida carving tuna belly slices

Outside Singapore, chef Hatch continues to grow the Hashida Sushi brand with the San Francisco outlet set to open at the end of the year, and the Tokyo outpost slated to open in 2019. While he will be shuttling between countries, he shares that Singapore will still be where he is permanently based.

25 Mohamed Sultan Road. Tel: 8428 8787.

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