Learning can be a bore and time-consuming. But what if you can learn on the go, in under 15 minutes in one place? Nurin Nadya bte Norman, a student at Nanyang Polytechnic, shares her learning experience with ULeap.

“Recently, I came across the ULeap (Learning Enabled through Active Participation) app that uses mobile and bite-sized learning, discussion tools and just-in-time learning, to give you easy access to learning content when you want, wherever you want.

ULeap is a mobile learning platform curated by NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute). It uses short multimedia content and covers several subjects, ranging from Digital Business, Food and Beverage (F&B), Accounting and Finance, Leadership, Sustainability and Energy, and many more.

It offers vital knowledge and simple skills which may not be easily available outside of institutions and schools, making it a useful resource for those who are actively looking to further their education and gain new knowledge.

Many of us depend on the Internet for independent learning. However, not all the information available online are accurate. ULeap, on the other hand, provides quality content sourced from industry partners such as Republic Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Chefs’ AssociationSingapore Junior Chefs Club, Standards Development Office, ASEAN Coffee Federation and Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore. Every module on ULeap states the source of its content clearly.

ULeap learning app

Preparing a Café Latte — by ASEAN Coffee Federation

The latest additions to ULeap are the F&B modules on making cocktails, engaging customers on social media, organic farming and understanding food labels.

ULeap learning app

Engaging F&B customers on social media — by Nanyang Polytechnic

I learned a lot from these F&B modules. Some come with step by step demonstrations—for instance, how to make a latte. Other modules touch on topics such as organic farming, why organic products are more expensive and how to advertise on social media.

ULeap learning app

Partners include Singapore Chefs Association — Singapore Juniors Chefs Club

ULeap’s content is detailed and straightforward. Sometimes, they make use of short video clips to convey the content. The time needed to finish one module is very short too! I usually spend my travelling time to school to use ULeap. It takes me about five to 10 minutes to fully understand and complete one module.

To ensure that I fully understand the module, I check my learning progress by completing a short assessment at the end of the topic. The assessment can be in the form of multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. I will know my result once I’ve submitted my assessment. This assessment can be done numerous times. It’s okay if you didn’t get it all right the first time. Just make sure you don’t give up and try again!

Whenever I have a question, I start a discussion thread to clarify my thoughts. Other users will respond to my discussion thread and voice their opinions. This brings people together to help and learn from one another.

ULeap is my go-to place to learn because I can find a lot of content in one place, use any readily available device (either my phone or my computer) and it doesn’t take up much of my time.

ULeap has helped me so much and I hope you will find it as useful and love it as much as I do. I highly encourage you to download it and try it out yourself.”

Download the ULeap Applied Skills app on your App Store or Google Play Store. It is also available on the e2i website.


This post was created in partnership with e2i (Employment and Employability Institute).

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