Wednesdays to Fridays, chef Woo Wai Leong’s Restaurant Ibid now offers lunch as well.

Following on the heels of their debut in May this year, contemporary Chinese, Nanyang-style Restaurant Ibid is launching a new lunch menu to complement their dinner tasting menu. Their short but varied menu catches all—the office warrior, hungry for bigger flavours as the weekend nears; the peckish who loves to graze rather than devour; and the pesky pescatarian too.

Restaurant Ibid's shaobing burger - - Restaurant Ibid new lunch menu 2018

Restaurant Ibid’s shaobing burger

Choose from small plates, big plates and dessert options if you’re going a la carte, or go for their two- or three-course meals (from $18 and $25 respectively). For the former, you can either go with one small plate and one big plate, or one big plate and a dessert.

Expect more of Woo’s East-West dishes created with mind maps derived from one Chinese ingredient, flavour or dish. Under the small plates dishes for instance, we loved the cumin spiced fried baby potatoes with garlic aioli ($8) inspired by fried snacks from China. Carbs are not exactly the friend of those with pudgy tummies, but we couldn’t resist taking more than a few ‘pebbles’ of these baby potatoes with just the right amount of crisp. Xi-An spices such as Sichuan peppercorns and sprightly laksa leaves add an extra dash of savouriness. Another addictive option is General Soh’s fried chicken ($8), a riff on the popular General Tso’s Chicken dish found in the U.S. Crispy and flavoured with a piquant sauce, this rendition, served with coriander and cashew nuts, keeps you reaching for more.

Pork rib rice bowl - Restaurant Ibid new lunch menu 2018

Pork rib rice bowl

Mains-wise, we’re happy that one of our favourites from the dinner menu—the spring onion shao bing with yeasted butter and laksa leaf oil—features under the big plates selection in the form of a shao bing burger ($14) served with sweet potato chips. Unlike the soft chewy texture of the former, the shao bing burger ‘bun’ here proffers a denser, firmer, slightly crisp texture after it’s been stuffed with mozzarella, spring onions, sesame oil and black pepper and cooked over charcoal. Fitting like a glove, the burger holds the charred onions and beef patty snugly and is an easy filler-upper.

Another option is to go for the pork rib rice bowl ($14). The melt-in-your-mouth texture reminds us of another of Woo’s dishes, the beef short ribs. Here, Iberico pork rib is braised in soy and spices until fork-tender. Eaten with rice tousled with onsen egg and the okra tempura, it could all have been too rich a mouthful, if not for the cold ginger-marinated cucumbers that help cut the richness of the dish and refresh the palate.

Yuan yang pudding - Restaurant Ibid new lunch menu 2018

Yuan yang pudding

Among their desserts, we particularly liked the yuan yang pudding ($8) inspired by Hong Kong milk tea with pearls, where milk tea is set with eggs and paired with local coffee-soaked sago pearls and a milk ice cream. It wasn’t too sweet and in fact, its slightly bitter notes made for a call to take another spoonful.

18 North Canal Road. Tel: 9151 8698

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