Mooncakes that are uniquely infused with tea blends and tipples are very much in fashion this year. Tastefully designed with gorgeous flavour and textural combinations, they give tea and liquor connoisseurs reason to indulge this Mid-autumn festival.

*All prices quoted are for a box of four mooncakes unless otherwise stated

Regent Singapore

Regent Singapore’s Summer Palace Chinese dim sum chef Leong Kwok Sing pairs up with Philip Bischoff, bar manager of Manhattan, to celebrate this Mid-Autumn festival with two new exceptional Manhattan-exclusive snowskin mooncakes infused with premium aged American whiskies.

Regent Singapore Whiskey Snowskin Collection

Regent Singapore Snow Skin Collection

The first boasts a barrel-aged Sazerac six-year-old rye infused into its coffee and chocolate paste filling, bringing out nutty notes with exciting sweet and sharp characteristics. The second is filled with a green bean paste, perfectly infused with yuzu and barrel-aged La Louisiane Cocktail, which perfectly provides complimentary sweet and citrusy notes of overripe oranges. The true whiskey connoisseur will be elated with the Manhattan Mid-Autumn box ($168) which comes with an assortment of the Manhattan-exclusive snowskins and a limited edition four-set whiskey tasting box.

Regent Singapore Mooncake Collections Snowskins and Baked

Regent Singapore Mooncake Collections

Also not to be missed are the perennial favourites like the signature snowskin collection which include black sesame paste with melon seeds ($72 per box); fragrant green tea with melon seeds ($72 per box); the classic white lotus paste with melon seeds ($72 per box); and the bestselling durian snowskin ($76 per box), with its creamy bittersweet blend of Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian meat. Well-loved baked classics are also available such as Parma ham and pork floss with assorted nuts ($77 per box) and white lotus paste (with single yolk, $73 per box; with double yolk, $77 per box; with melon seeds, $70 per box).

To order, visit their online store or call +65 6725 3239.

1 Cuscaden Road. Tel: +65 6733 8888


It is no surprise that the mooncake collection from luxury tea brand, TWG, boasts delicate infusions of premium tea blends. The White Sky Tea Mooncake Collection includes an assortment of baked and snowskin varieties that are available in assorted boxes of four ($60) or in pairs along with a box of White Sky Tea from their Haute Couture Tea Collection® ($70).

The White Sky Tea Collection Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes

The White Sky Tea Collection: Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes

The traditional baked mooncakes include the Constellation, with its brown lotus filling infused with Singapore Breakfast Tea and speckled with roasted melon seeds, surrounding a salted egg yolk centre. There is also the Jewel, which involves a sumptuous chocolate crust filled with Chocolate Tea infused white lotus paste dotted with chocolate chips; and the Harvest, featuring brown lotus paste infused with Camelot Tea, filled with mixed almonds, hazelnuts and pecans. Last but not least, there is the Ruby, with its bold red crust encasing a Geisha Blossom Tea infused white lotus paste with bits of apricot and cranberry.

TWG’s snowskin collection, meanwhile, is handcrafted in lush pastel tones with flavours such as Pure, a white satin snowskin embellished with gold leaf and filled with white lotus and lemon paste, infused with the fruity and flowery notes of White Sky Tea, revealing a lotus cream centre.

To order, visit their online store.

2 Bayfront Avenue, B1-122/125 (check website for other outlets). Tel: 6535 1837

Old Seng Choong

This season, Old Seng Choong introduces the Four Heavenly Beauties ($68.80 per box) collection which consists of an assortment of four tipple-infused snowskin mooncakes.

Old Seng Choong Heavenly Beauties Collection Snowskins

Old Seng Choong Heavenly Beauties Collection

Included in this box are a brandy cherry snowskin, with its brandy-infused white lotus paste dotted with bits of dark cherry wrapped around an intense dark cherry middle; a yuzu martini snowskin, which boasts a zesty martini-infused white lotus paste filling; a Bailey’s whiskey with white chocolate pearl snowskin, with its white lotus paste laced with whiskey and adorned with crunchy white chocolate pearls, surrounding a Bailey’s centre; and a Rum & Raisin with dark chocolate pearl snowskin, which has a rich chocolate centre flavoured with Myers rum, wrapped in white lotus paste speckled with rum soaked raisins and crunchy dark chocolate pearls.

Old Seng Choong Baked Mooncakes

Old Seng Choong Baked Mooncakes

Making a comeback is the favourite Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin ($88 per box), well-loved for its heavenly creamy centre. A variety of baked mooncakes are also available like the longan with wugu, a mix of five different seeds and berries. There is also the popular wu ren with bakwa, featuring chicken bakwa with a variety of seeds, almonds, candied winter melon bits and kaffir lime leaves; and the black sesame with yolk blend and melon seeds. Additionally available are the white lotus paste varieties (with durian paste, $66.80 per box; with melon seeds, $60.80 per box; with yolk blend, $66.80 per box; with yolk blend and mixed seeds, $66.80 per box).

To order, visit their website.

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central @ Clarke Quay, #01-48. Tel: +65 6282 0220

Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Singapore

Debuting this year are four new tea-infused mooncakes which are inspired by the exquisite selection of premium tea blends at Man Fu Yuan.

Intercontinental Singapore Man Fu Yuan Snowskin Mooncake Tea Collection

Man Fu Yuan’s Snowskin Mooncake: Tea Collection

These intricately crafted gems can be found in the Tea Collection ($74 per box) in flavours of black sesame with ambrosial osmanthus; rich matcha with white chocolate; white lotus with mandarin peel; and the divine Earl Grey with strawberry chocolate.

Man Fu Yuan Baked Mooncake

Man Fu Yuan Baked Mooncake

Those who prefer the traditional baked mooncakes will be pleased with Man Fu Yuan’s variety of six baked options which come filled with white lotus paste (with single yolk, $70 per box; with double yolk, $74 per box; with macadamia nuts and low-sugar, $70 per box), red lotus paste (with single yolk, $66 per box; with double yolk, $70 per box) or assorted nuts ($68 per box).

To order, visit their online store.

Intercontinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road. Tel: +65 6338 7600

Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Singapore pays tribute to classic oriental beauty and romance with an exquisite assortment of mooncakes this year. New flavours make their debut such as the baked plum and figs mooncake($68 per box of eight) with smooth white lotus paste; and the mini salted egg caramel snowskin ($68 per box of eight) with its delicate blend of sweet and salty flavours, infused in chocolate praline.

Fairmont Baked Mooncakes

Fairmont Baked Mooncakes

Heart-warming favourites make a comeback such as the decadent champagne truffle and chocolate ganache ($70 per box of eight) and the rum and raisin chocolate truffle ($68 per box of eight) mini snowskins, while the traditional classics include a wholesome selection of white lotus paste mooncakes (with roasted pine nuts, $68 per box; peach-shaped with single yolk and macadamia nuts, $70 per box; peach-shaped with double yolk, $72 per box). An assortment of the delectable baked mooncakes can be purchased in a premium gift box ($92 per box) detailed with elegant Chinoiserie floral design on luxurious shimmering silk, complete with a Chinese tea set.

To order, visit their online store or call their Mooncake Hotline at +65 6338 8785.

80 Bras Basah Road. Tel: +65 6339 7777

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