Rang Mahal joins the exciting lineup of fellow Michelin-starred and listed restaurants for GastroMonth 2018 with a spectacular one-of-a-kind menu showcasing modern interpretations of traditional Indian cuisine.

Chef Milind Sovani is the mastermind behind the immersive multi-sensory five-course menu ($118) which comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We were fortunate enough to try the latter.

Rang Mahal GastroMonth Masala Rice Sushi Michelin Guide Michelin-starred Indian Cuisine

GastroMonth 2018 at Rang Mahal: Masala Rice Sushi

A flavourful bite of masala rice sushi starts the meal, consisting of spiced rice with deep-fried vegetables, rolled in a thin sheet of seaweed and topped with delicate ikura roe. The special rice in this dish is from the western Indian state of Maharashtra and is known for its sticky consistency as well as its unique aroma that’s akin to mango blossoms. The rice is buttery and cooked perfectly al dente with distinct flavours of rich Madras curry spice, complementing the light crispy vegetables well. Fresh ikura roe adds an exciting dimension to the mouthful with little refreshing explosions of the sea.

Next up is a visually captivating dish, endearingly named Sahana of the Sea (or Song of the Sea). Featuring a tandoori-grilled slipper lobster alongside a bed of sesame tossed seaweed and a thin layer of ‘gun powder’—a spicy South Indian powdered condiment—which is garnished with bright berry-coloured sweet and sour dots of beetroot and ginger chutney.

GastroMonth, 2018, Rang Mahal, Sahana Of The Sea, Slipper Lobster, Tandoori

GastroMonth 2018 at Rang Mahal: Sahana Of The Sea

After a palate cleansing droplet of yuzu and mint sorbet, the delectable Spiced Roast Duck is served. An Indian take on Peking duck, the fatty skin is rubbed with more than 15 spices including cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and chilli before the duck is roasted in a tandoor to a crisp golden brown. It is then served over a Trichur curry, characterised by nutty notes of toasted coconut, with a creamy broccoli garlic pesto to cut the spice, along with a side of rice flour flat breads. To be consumed in the style of Peking duck, the meat, curry and pesto are to be gently wrapped into the thin bread, perfectly combining the flavours for each bite.

GastroMonth 2018 Rang Mahal Pan Pacific Singapore Spiced Roast Duck Indian Cuisine

GastroMonth 2018 at Rang Mahal: Spiced Roast Duck

Paying homage to traditional Indian comfort food, Chef Milind includes a dish of kichdi, a simple spiced rice and lentil porridge, well-loved and easily available in many Indian homes. His version of the dish, dubbed a risotto and made with brown rice, completely takes us away from any thoughts of it being “simple” at all, despite its familiar flavour. Its consistency is thicker than usual, and it is elegantly topped with a medley of buttery mushrooms. Alongside is a dollop of sour cream raita dotted with bits of raw onion and bell pepper, adding texture and creamy freshness that entirely elevates the homey dish.

Finally, an impressive rendition of the all-time favourite Indian dessert Gulab Jamun & Rabri is whimsically presented live at our table. It is a deconstructed rendition, with four unique versions of the dish meant to represent the four stages of life. Traditionally, the dish includes deep-fried balls of milk dough soaked in sweet saffron and cardamom flavoured cream. With each version, chef Milind manages to take his diners through a different journey with every bite, while somehow ending off with the well-loved flavours of the original dessert.

Be sure to book your reservations and purchase your tickets for the GastroMonth dining experience beforehand. GastroMonth menus will be available from now till 30 September 2018.

7 Raffles Boulevard, Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore. Tel: 6333 1788


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