With each year, mooncake packaging gets ever more intricate and innovative. This post is for those who love hoarding pretty mooncake boxes and of course, tucking into the delectable mooncakes themselves.

*All prices stated are per box of four mooncakes unless otherwise stated.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore has designed an exquisitely chic multi-purpose mooncake gift box this year. Perfect for gifting loved ones and business partners, the luxe red or rose gold vessels double as attractive jewellery boxes that feature a magnetic seal, an interior mirror, tasteful suede lining, and functional storage compartments.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Ritz Carlton Traditional Baked Mooncakes In Red Gift Box

The Ritz-Carlton’s Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Along with the gorgeous packaging, the white lotus seed paste with red date and longan mooncake ($76 per box) will be making its debut this year, perfectly melding the fruity textured flavours of the two popular Chinese ingredients. Traditionalists will be happy to know that this new mooncake will be included in the assorted baked mooncakes box ($78 per box), which also includes white lotus seed paste mooncakes plain and with double yolk.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Ritz Carlton Mini Snow Skin Martini Mooncakes Lycheetini Irish Martini

The Ritz-Carlton’s Mini Snowskin Martini Mooncakes

Fans of their mini snowskin martini mooncakes ($76 per box of eight) will be thrilled by the newest addition to the trendy tipple inspired collection—the Irish Martini, which is derived from a cocktail of espresso, Irish stout reduction, vodka, campari and beer. Their signature Lycheetini will also be included in the collection, boasting that well-loved gentle sweetness from lychee liquor and real lychee bits. Back by popular demand are the mini snowskin ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian mooncakes ($82 per box of eight) which come in a classy blue lacquer box detailed with floral motifs.

To order, call the hotel directly or visit their online store

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue. Tel: 6434 5190

Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel

This year, Hua Ting presents deluxe and premium gift boxes gorgeously adorned with Chinoiserie motif over a classy contemporary turquoise hue. The limited edition Premium box is the highlight of the collection—decked out in special features like LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker, it doubles up as a bedside lamp. But of course, tucked away within these innovative gift boxes are delicious varieties of mid-autumn treats.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Hua Ting Turquoise Gift Box Premium Gift Box LED Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Hua Ting’s Mooncake Giftboxes

Mini Fruity Noon Tea ($69 per box of eight) snowskin mooncakes make their debut, featuring a refreshing green apple filling with a white chocolate core infused with Hua Ting’s premium tea with a bright blend of floral notes with hints of orchard fruit. Mini salted egg custard snowskins ($69 per box of eight) come filled with smooth, velvety custard and savoury bits of salted egg. Making their highly-anticipated return are Hua Ting’s two artisanal mini snowskin selections: blueberry with vintage Hua Diao wine ($69 per box of eight), with its delicate balance of sweet and tarte blueberry and hints of 30-year vintage rice wine; and white lotus paste with Champagne ganache ($69 per box of eight), with its burst of bubbly champagne-filled white chocolate ganache centre.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Hua Ting Mini Fruity Noon Tea Snowskin Green Apple Filling White Chocolate Core Premium Tea Floral Notes

Hua Ting’s Mini Fruity Noon Tea Snowskins

As for the classics, healthier low-sugar options are available such as white lotus paste ($69 per box; with single yolk and macadamia, $73 per box; with double yolk and macadamia, $75 per box); Seeds of Harmony ($73 per box), boasting a medley of assorted nuts; and red bean paste with melon seeds ($69 per box).

To order, visit Millenium Mooncakes 2018 or call the hotel. 

Orchard Hotel Singapore, Level 2, 442 Orchard Road. Tel: 6739 6666

Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Sofitel Singapore City Centre offers a mooncake collection of pure elegance, appropriately titled: Les Fleurs De Lumiére, or The Flowers of Light. Each order of these limited edition mooncakes ($72 per box) comes carefully packaged in an exquisitely designed box which prominently features Bouquet Magnifique; an inspiring exclusively commissioned art piece by the renowned Italian painter and fashion designer Arianna Caroli.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Sofitel Mooncake Gift Box Bouquet Magnifique Arianna Caroli

Sofitel’s Mooncake Gift Box Featuring ‘Bouquet Magnifique’

The four distinctive mooncake flavours tastefully embody the Sofitel experience with its signature style of modern French art-de-vivre and inspiration from local culture and tradition. There’s The Luxe (the piece de resistance), which comprises foie gras and truffle oil, delicately blended with Oriental ingredients; The Singapore Je T’aime, that pairs a sweet paste of red date with the mildly bitter crunch of slivered almonds; The Oriental, which offers an ethereal bite of subtle green tea paste with the perfectly contrasting crunch of melon seeds. Last but not least, there is The Traditional which showcases the classic pairing of white lotus paste and savoury salted egg yolk.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Sofitel Piece De Resistance The Luxe Foie Gras Truffle Oil

Sofitel’s Piece de Resistance: The Luxe

Order online at the Les Fleurs De Lumiére Mooncake Collection page. 

9 Wallich Street. Tel: 6428 5000

St. Regis: Yan Ting

Yan Ting’s mooncakes come encased in an eye-catching gift box with a lid showcasing a golden bird and flower brooch against a glittery backdrop. To add to the glamour of the piece, batteries may be inserted to activate lights highlighting the display. Lavish premium gift set options are also available for their Eight Treasures Assorted Snow Skin Mooncake and the Four Traditional Baked Mooncake collections ($188 per gift set), each elegantly displayed in a blue lacquer box with floral motifs. The mooncakes are displayed in the top chest compartment, while an accompanying exquisite teapot set along with some premium-grade Pu-Erh tea rest in the drawer below.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Yan Ting Gift Box Assorted Snow Skin Golden Bird Flowers Glitter LED Lights

Yan Ting’s Gift Box with Assorted Snowskins

This year, Yan Ting offers a series of new snowskin mooncakes by San Francisco-raised, award-winning pastry chef Melissa Chou. Unique flavours are introduced, such as sweet and salty black sesame paste with salted peanut truffle ($78 per box of eight), featuring rich smooth black sesame paste enveloping a luscious salted peanut truffle; and jasmine tea paste with salted egg yolk and melon seeds ($76 per box of eight). Custard with macadamia nuts also makes an entrance with its rich custard and light macadamia crunch.

mid-autumn festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Yan Ting Premium Gift Set Four Traditional Baked Mooncake Collection Blue Lacquer Floral Detail Tea Set

Yan Ting’s Premium Gift Set with the Four Traditional Baked Mooncake collection

For a more traditional flavour combination, the blushing pink red date and wolfberry paste with almond flakes snowskin ($76 per box of eight) is an excellent pick. The ‘king-of-fruit’ also makes a comeback with the pure ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian snow skin ($118 per box of eight). Last but not least, the traditional baked options feature white lotus paste (with single yolk, $79 per box; with double yolk, $82 per box; with four yolks, $111 per box; with assorted nuts and Yunnan Ham, $82 per box) and the reduced sugar white lotus paste with macadamia nuts ($75 per box).

To order, call the restaurant directly. 

The St Regis Singapore, Level 1U, 29 Tanglin Road. Tel: 9488 2741 or 6506 6852

Crystal Jade

Riding on the success of last year’s Mickey and Minnie snow skin series, Crystal Jade presents the Mickey and Friends Musical Carousel Collection ($88 per box of eight) with an exquisitely-crafted limited-edition Disney musical carousel gift box.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Crystal Jade Mickey Friends Musical Carousel Collection Snowskin Mooncakes Pandan Gula Melaka Manuka Honey Chocolate

Crystal Jade’s Mickey and Friends Musical Carousel Collection

With its design inspired by specially commissioned Disney drawings, the beautiful rose-gold tinted metal box is a light-up musical carousel featuring the beloved Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy on a merry-go-round ride to the joyful ‘Mickey Mouse March’ tune. Perfect for a tea party, the carousel comes with a two-tier dessert tray displaying eight delicate mini snowskin mooncakes in pandan lotus with gula melaka and chocolate manuka honey flavours.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 For The Love Of The Gift Box Crystal Jade Gift Box Two Tier Dessert Tray Rose Gold Carousel Snowskin Collection

Crystal Jade’s Gift Box with a two-tier dessert tray

In contrast to the playful snowskin gift box design, the traditional baked treats come handsomely packaged in a classy turquoise coloured, gem stone-inspired gift box. These signature offerings include mixed nuts with chicken ham ($68 per box) and white lotus paste mooncakes (with single yolk, $62 per box; with double yolk, $68 per box; with melon seed, $58 per box).

To order, visit their e-store

Crystal Jade Palace, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #04-19 (Check website for other outlets). Tel: 6735 2388

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