We recently unveiled our 2018/2019 edition of Singapore’s Top Restaurants. From a shortlist of more than 400 restaurants, 86 made it into our House of Stars this year.

The establishments were assessed on a few areas including their service standards, quality of food, overall presentation and ambience—the hallmarks of a top restaurant—and were awarded one, two or three stars depending on how well they scored. We also handed out eight special awards to restaurants that offer the best in the following categories: Best New Concept, Most Creative Menu, Best Ambience, and a few others.

A common consensus among our panellists this year was that top restaurants have upped their ante. They are paying more attention to the little details, from silver cloches and tableside service with flair to a greater emphasis on presentation. The increasing competitiveness of our F&B scene is also pushing old stalwarts to stay on top of their game.

In the following pages, meet our three-star recipients (p.73) including chef Sam Aisbett of Whitegrass, chef Gunther Hubrechsen of Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine and chef Cheung Siu Kong of Summer Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore as they share their thoughts on Singapore’s fine dining scene. And while there are plenty of good restaurants on our sunny island, only the best will leave a lasting impression. Find out what makes a truly great restaurant (p. 54) as standing out has never been tougher in today’s increasingly competitive and connected world.

Alongside presenting great tasting food on the plate, another issue that is increasingly bearing on restaurants is the issue of provenance—i.e. where their ingredients are sourced from. Find out why some chefs are advocating the use of locally sourced ingredients and how they plan to grow the locavore movement in Singapore (p. 60).

Last but not least, head over to our social media pages @sgtoprestaurants on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about our award winners. In the weeks to come, we will be posting some videos that go behind the scenes to capture these top chefs and their teams in action.

With so many top restaurants out there, it’s truly an exciting time for food lovers.

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