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Saturdays were often barbecue days at our household.

Mom would ask me to tag along on her weekly market run, and I recall her shopping list would always include lamb racks, red snapper and tiger prawns. Once home, I would be tasked to prep the veggies and start the grill—I loved the smell of the fat rendering over hot charcoal. Putting our second issue together sure brought back lots of fond memories.

Aussie chef Chris Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude shares a selection of East-meets-West barbecue favourites (p.84) such as wood-fired French poulet served with spring asparagus, zucchini and kampot green peppercorns; whole kelong red snapper with vibrant garden pickles; wood-fired baby lamb racks served with heirloom carrot and currant salad; and wood-fired scallops served in half shell with kombu butter and ikura. Alternatively, check out celebrated food writer Wendy Hutton’s easy-to-follow recipes featuring local favourites such as otah otah, satay, spicy banana leaf stingray, and tandoori chicken (p.64).

wine & dine cookbook issue #2 1040

This issue also provides the complete barbecue lowdown, from where to procure your barbecue meats (p.80), to how to fire up the perfect steak (p.74). And for those of you who prefer to head out for a hearty barbecue feast, check out our recommendations (p.82) featuring Burnt Ends, Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood, Nude Grill and Camp Kilo Charcoal Club.

Don’t forget to round up the feasting with some sweet treats—chef Sandra Lim shares four scrumptious yet healthy matcha-themed recipes (p.44) that taste as good as they look, while Nesuto Patisserie lets us in on how to make a tempting almond orange cake with vanilla bavaroise mousse, Japanese seaweed cookies, and more (p.104).

Whether barbecuing or baking this month, have a fabulous time in the kitchen!

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