Taste Malaysia’s best durians at the Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival and Awards 2018.

Durian lovers, mark your calendars. A durian fiesta is set to take place on 4 August 2018 at Bangi Golf Resort. Titled Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival and Awards 2018, the event will give attendees a taste of well-loved breeds such as Musang King and D24 at the durian farmers’ market, where they will also get to interact with producers and purchase other durian by-products.

Those keen to learn more about how the different species of Malaysian durians are grown can check out the durian knowledge forum, where experts in the field share their know-how in a series engaging workshops. The line-up includes Mr Hew Chen Choi, the founder of AKU Semaian and Dusun Hew with over 40 years of experience in the durian industry; Mr YW Too, a passionate planter and keen advocate of avocado planting as an inter-crop species within durian plantations and orchards; and Encik Abd Rahman Johari, an expert in fertiliser and pesticide applications.

bangi golf resort durian festival 2018

Get a taste of well-loved breeds such as Musang King and D24

The main highlight of the festival, however, is the World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition, where producers will compete for the title in five categories: Best Musang King (D197), Best Blackthorn (D200), Best Tekka (D160), Best D24, and the Best Open Series Durian (for all other species not included in the former categories).

Following the announcement of the results in the evening, guests will get to taste the three award-winning durians from each category at the price of RM250 per person.

In the spirit of community building, the organiser has pledged all profits from the Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival and Awards 2018 to be donated to Tabung Harapan Malaysia, the official fund for public donations to reduce Malaysia’s national debt.

This story was first published in Wine & Dine’s Jul/Aug 2018 issue – Southeast Asia: A Journey of Flavours, Postscript, ‘All Things Durian’.

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