Helmed by chef-owner John Chan, Pasta J serves up an updated menu studded with gems.

Located along Upper Thomson Road, Pasta J has earned itself a loyal following since it opened in 2012. The customers here, according to John, are a good mix of regulars and new customers who flock here for its juicy steaks and hearty pasta dishes. If you haven’t tried the establishment’s offerings, now is a good time to do so, as they recently underwent a renovation and menu update. Interior-wise, the restaurant now sports a clean, minimal decor—think wood-panelled walls, cream furnishings and plants hanging from the ceiling.

pasta j restaurant interior

Pasta J, restaurant interior

On the food front, steaks are the pride and joy of this restaurant. Different cuts of beef are prepared in various ways here: dry-aged, brined, lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil, and grilled to medium-rare perfection.

One of the must-try steaks is the Break-Up Steak ($42.90), a 250g ribeye that is tender, juicy and flavourful with a smoky, almost burnt exterior. John shares that he decided to call it the break-up steak because the taste is so good that it can cure any heartbreaks. While the steak tastes great on its own, the sides of caramelised carrots, earthy mushrooms and creamy mash potatoes, are equally delicious.

pasta j chef-owner John Chan's Tomahawk steak

Pasta J’s Tomahawk steak

For those with a bigger appetite, order the Wagyu tomahawk ribeye steak ($169 per kg)—this Sanchoku pure-blood wagyu ribeye has been brined for one week, encrusted with toasted black sesame seeds and served with truffle sauce. Perfect for sharing among three to four diners, the tomahawk was previously only available upon special request but due to its popularity, it’s now available daily.

Another notable highlight from the new additions include the green curry oso bucco ($36.90), comprising beef shank cooked in flavourful green curry that packs a lovely spicy kick.

pasta j kombu & capers sauce with crab

Kombu and capers sauce with crab. Diners can choose from two varieties: Sri Lankan and Dungeness.

Apart from meat dishes, there are excellent pasta dishes too. Try the salmon carbonara ($29.90) consisting a four-day brined salmon that is pan-fried till just cooked, served atop al dente pasta. Everything about this dish is perfect— the pasta has a nice bite and soaked up all the sauce, while the salmon boasts a slightly crispy, charred skin, and the flesh is flaky, moist and full of flavour.

Pet owners looking for places to bring their fur kids will also be pleased to know that Pasta J is a pet-friendly restaurant—the waitstaff even hands out free kibbles and water to your dogs while you dine.

205 Upper Thomson Road, Tel: 9004 1800

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