An offshoot of Hong Kong-based speciality coffee concept, The Coffee Academics at Scotts Square is the Singapore flagship and the largest outlet from the brand, spanning 3,000 square feet.

Boasting an industrial chic look, the establishment features some signature TCA touches such as textured brick walls and a laidback vibe.

the coffee academics scotts square: speciality coffee

The Coffee Academïcs Specialty Coffee

On the coffee front, customers can look forward to a variety of specialty coffee brewing methods such as intricate pour-overs such as the Signature Ice-Drip featuring only seasonal single origins. This delicate process of having ice-cold water dripping onto finely ground coffee, is relatively time consuming, and requires up to eight hours. It only produces a single litre, but the end result is a coffee that offers exceptional flavours.

There is something for tea lovers too—try the Tea Academics Blend (from $6) featuring a perfect harmony of pomegranate, hibiscus and pu-erh.

the coffee academics scotts square: gai dan zai

TCA Signature Egglet

To fill up, TCA offers an extensive menu comprising salads, main courses and desserts. A popular dish not-to-be-missed is TCA Signature Egglet ($19), also known as Gai Dan Zai, a popular street snack in Hong Kong, here served with mango cubes and a scoop of milk tea gelato, and drizzled with salted egg custard sauce.

the coffee academics scotts square: fish tacos

Crispy fish fillet tacos

Other highlights to try include Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos ($23) featuring sea bream fillet and chipotle mayonnaise sandwiched between taco shells and topped with fresh mango salsa; and Academics Pancake Tower ($16) consisting three layers of fluffy and buttery pancakes topped with mixed berries, and served with sorbet and whipped cream.

#02-01/02 Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road. Tel: 6538 1940

This post was made in partnership with Scotts Square. Read all about the Gastronomic Affair at Scotts Square here.

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