Nestled in the basement of Scotts Square, Maison Kayser is an artisan French bakery founded by Eric Kayser.

He opened the first outlet in Paris in 1996 and has since expanded the business to include 114 shops in 23 countries. The secret to his success is simple—he uses only top-quality flours and natural leaven to bake his breads, and ensures that all the breads go through a long fermentation period of up to 12 hours, resulting in exceptional flavour and texture. In today’s world where businesses are all about speed and efficiency, Maison Kayser does not believe in comprising the quality and flavour of their products just to produce more loaves. In fact, they bake every loaf from scratch, by hand. According to Kayser, long fermentation period is key to ensuring an excellent product, as that is when hundreds of aromas develop to reach the highest gustative potential.

maison kayser scotts square: assorted pastries, lemon tart

Sweet treats, including Maison Kayser’s signature lemon tart

From the bread selection, try the sourdough (from $8), ciabatta ($4) and country ($4.80) loaves. If you prefer soft loaves, be sure to try the Pain de Mie ($6) or Viennois ($2.80)—both are soft, fluffy and full of flavour.

Those with a sweet tooth will delight in the wide variety of pastries offered here, such as the eclairs ($5.50), featuring a winning combination of spongy pate a choux and a smooth cream filling. The tarts, too, are equally impressive, boasting a sweet and crunchy pastry shortbread filled with various fillings—our top picks are the lemon curd ($6), chocolate ($6), and apricot ($6).

Other notable highlights include the madeleines, financiers and cookies.

#B1-25 Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road. Tel: 6636 3672

This post was made in partnership with Scotts Square. Read all about the Gastronomic Affair at Scotts Square here.

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