e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) believes that training is essential to success. Read on to find out more about e2i’s pledge to provide training to Singapore’s workers by CEO Gilbert Tan.

“Singapore’s F&B scene is brutally competitive, with fierce contenders around every corner in every mall.  And yet, opening and being the boss of an F&B establishment is one of the most common aspirations among Singaporeans. To succeed, it is important for the stars to be aligned. For F&B establishments, stars could be culinary skills, appropriate automation, right location, correct ambience, distinctive service levels etc. I would like to focus on one key differentiating factor that I believe is an important determinant of success—training.

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In our fast changing and digitized landscape, we need to instill the importance of continuous skills upgrading and hone our local pool of talents to be masters of their professions. This ensures our businesses keep up with the times and harness technology and data for the winning edge. For both business-owner and worker, continuous skills upgrading is a means to stay ahead of the pack and remain profitable.

This win-win behavior was manifested on 18th January  2018, when 20 leading F&B companies pledged their commitment towards grooming our working people in Singapore. The initiative encompass three main training drivers: Skills Future for Digital Workplace (SFDW) which includes aspects of future-ready mindset, technology, data and innovation; SkillsFuture Advice (SFA) to help Singaporeans understand the importance of career with skills planning; and ULeap (Learning Enabled through Active Participation) which enriches learning communities through courses delivered in bite-size and trending discussions.

Coming together for e2i's pledge to train our working people

Coming together for e2i’s pledge to train our working people

The pledge signifies a partnership between e2i and industry players to groom local talents and younger generations to be future ready. For instance, more than 600 workers have benefited from master classes by Singapore Chefs Association (SCA) held in partnership with e2i.

The 20 F&B respresentatives and e2i at the event

The 20 F&B respresentatives and e2i at the event

Beyond the first 20, a total of 100 companies are targeted for this initiative. Would you want to be one? Being successful together takes both hands to clap. With e2i’s endeavors in training and development, we hope to assist companies and your workers of today and tomorrow to up-skill and build new careers for better employment and employability.”

For more information and to join this initiative, please visit e2i’s website here.

This post was created in partnership with e2i.

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