Chef Paulo Machado brings a slice of Brazilian food heritage to Singapore with a guest stint at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, on from now to 15 April.

Chef Paulo Machado, founder of Instituto Paulo Machado

Chef Paulo Machado

If you’ve never tried authentic South American cuisine, or more specifically, Brazilian fare, now’s your chance. Chef Paulo Coelho Machado Neto (unfortunately, no relation to the fiction author) is doing a guest stint at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore from 9 to 15 April. With more than 10 years of culinary experience, chef Machado is the founder of Instituto Paul Machado, an organisation that gathers and shares information on indigenous Brazilian ingredients. He also runs gastronomy tour company Brasil Food Safaris and is a member of Slow Food Brazil. It’s chef Machado’s first visit to Singapore and he is raring to showcase Brazilian cuisine, which has its roots in Portuguese, Native American and African food. Catch him at these events!

Feijoada or Brazilian bean stew

Brazil’s national dish: Feijoada or Brazilian bean stew

Town Restaurant:

Dinner Buffets
From 9 to 15 April, dinner buffets at Town Restaurant will feature several Brazilian dishes from chef Machado including salada de abobrinha com pimentas Amazonicas, a zucchini salad spiced with peppers from the Amazon; and barreado, a slow-cooked meat stew from South Brazil served with manioc flour and plantains.

(Sunday to Wednesday: $59 per adult, $30 per child; Thursday to Saturday: $79 per adult, $39 per child)

Superfoods Sunday Brunch
At Town’s Superfoods Sunday Brunch on 15 April, get to know a greater variety of superfoods from Brazil other than Acai. Some highlights are Salada de Quiabo–Caruru, an okra salad enriched with azeite ingredients such as de dende, an omega-rich palm oil extracted from Brazilian palm fruit; and chibe, a chilled soup combination of yuca flour, water, cilantro, parsley and cumari, a chilli which literally means ‘happiness of the taste’.

(12pm to 3.30 pm, from $120 per adult and $60 per child).

seafood stew from South-east Brazil

Moqueca Baiana de Frutos Do Mar or seafood stew from southeast Brazil

The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar:

Cooking Class
On 14 April, catch chef Machado in action as he hosts a cooking class at The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar. He will passionately explain the origins of artisanal Brazilian produce such as yuca root, from which offshoots like cassava flour and tucupi preto (juice from the yuca root which is reminiscent of soya sauce) derive. After his demonstration of three classic Brazilian dishes: caldinho de feijao (traditional black bean soup), moqueca baiana de frutos do Mar (southeast Brazilian-style seafood stew), and romeu e julieta (soft cheese in guava paste), get to enjoy a three-course serving of the same while you admire splendid views of Marina Bay. Book your tickets here:

(11am-2pm, $88 inclusive of three-course lunch)

For dining reservations, call 6877 8911 / 8912 or visit

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