Happening now till March 31, Greenwood Fish Market is bringing in five types of crustaceans for its first ever Crustacean Month.

Greenwood Fish Market is separated into two sections. There’s the fish market where you can purchase fresh seafood to go and a dine-in restaurant. You can even pick something from the fish market and have it in their restaurant, cooked to your liking.

This March, it’s all about crustaceans. Think crabs and lobsters from all over the world.

Alaskan King crab legs, cooked to your liking at Greenwood Fish Market

Alaskan King crab legs, cooked to your liking at Greenwood Fish Market

Check out what Crustacean Month entails:

  • Boston lobster from Boston, $69.95 for one weighing between 500g to 550g
  • Rock lobster from Papua New Guinea, $69.95 for each weighing between 450g to 500g
  • King crab legs from Alaska, $69.95 for each weighing about 454g
  • Dungeness crab from San Francisco, $89.95 for each weighing between 900g to 1kg
  • Mud crabs from Singapore, $89.95 for each weighing about 800g to 900g

Choose how you want it done from six different cooking styles. Have it steamed, grilled or prepared Thai style. Or if you prefer something more local, there’s also laksa, black pepper and chilli options. Each portion is recommended for about one to two people.

Other promotions to look forward to at Greenwood Fish Market include the World Oyster Festival, now into its sixth edition this July, and its on-going Lobster Mondays (where you pay just $44.95 per live lobster).

Number 34/38 Greenwood Avenue. Tel: 6467 4950

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