Have you ever wondered what an authentic Chinese CNY would be like? For a taste of genuine eastern Chinese flavours, we head on over to Nanjing Impressions at Plaza Singapura

Jiangsu cuisine isn’t as well known here in Singapore in comparison to fare from more well-known regions like Guangzhou or Sichuan. So in celebration of the upcoming Year of the Dog, we’ve picked out three new CNY dishes from Nanjing Impressions—named so after the province’s capital—to showcase Jiangsu’s signature flavours.

In case you missed our earlier post, Nanjing Impressions is a popular restaurant chain from China that set up shop here in late 2016.

Pen Cai

Traditionally, pen cai is an iconic Chinese New Year dish here in Singapore. Nanjing Impressions’ rendition looks a little different from what we’ve come expect.

Nanjing Impressions' CNY Traditional-Pen-Cai

Nanjing Impressions’ pen cai

It comprises regional staples like salted duck, baby lobsters and restaurant signature Lion’s Head meatball. This is also in addition to a whopping 17 other ingredients: abalone, sea cucumber, dried oysters, conpoy and many others.

Price: $208 for six persons, $328 for 10

Treasure Trove dish

Braised pork trotters are yet another Jiangsu speciality.

Nanjing Impressions CNY Treasure-Trove

For an auspicious start to the new year, try Nanjing Impressions’ Treasure Trove

Braised until they’re soft and tender, these trotters are then topped with fresh seafood like abalone, prawns and mussels to create Nanjing Impressions’ Treasure Trove CNY dish.

Price: $128

Braised Abalone & Sea Cucumber

Located on the eastern coast of China, Jiangsu cuisine benefits from an abundant supply of fresh seafood.

Nanjing Impressions CNY Braised-Abalone-&-Sea-Cucumber

Braised abalone and sea cucumber

Abalone fans should certainly not miss out on this dish, in which premium abalone and sea cucumbers are braised slowly in superior stock.

Price: $138


This dish, in addition to the pen cai and Treasure Trove dishes, are available for dine-in and takeaway. Just be sure to call two days in advance to avoid disappointment!

Do note that the prices listed are subject to GST for takeaway and dine-in, with additional 10% service charge for dine-in guests.

Nanjing Impressions, #04-46 to 51 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road. Tel: 6352 7877


This post was created in partnership with Nanjing Impressions. For more information, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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