This year, local artisanal ice cream parlour The Daily Scoop (TDS) rings in its 13th birthday with 13 new flavours—one every week till 31 December.

Compared to big players in the ice cream game like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs, TDS is considered one of the newer brands in town. But this year, TDS is actually already 13 years old.

The Daily Scoop's bestselling flavours, coconut and avocado

The Daily Scoop’s bestselling flavours, coconut and avocado

The story of TDS dates back to 2004 in an assuming café at Sunset Way. Founder Melissa Phey was—and still is—an ice cream enthusiast who experimented with different flavour combinations and made all of TDS’ ice creams by hand. Together with business partner Kymberley Wee, TDS now has three other locations islandwide—Holland Village, Sembawang and School of The Arts.

The Daily Scoop's instagram-worthy ice creams

The Daily Scoop’s instagram-worthy ice creams

From now till 31 December, expect a different flavour each week the likes of La Vie En Rose—rose flavoured ice cream littered with mini marshmallows; and Pear & Walnut Crumble—vanilla ice cream with caramelised pear chunks and topped with a savoury walnut crumble.

Do not miss TDS’ Midnight, a chocolate sorbet made using Malagos single origin 65 per cent dark chocolate, Trinitario cacao beans and given an extra punch with Liberty Coffee espresso. For the full schedule of what’s coming out or to fill in online orders, head over to The Daily Scoop’s site.

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