We all enjoy our fine de claires. But once you’ve tried the Royal Oyster—indeed the Grand Cru of the oyster world—most other oysters pale in comparison.

From now till the end of October, Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar is bringing in these exceptional French bivalves for its oyster festival, along with fine de claires and another exceptional offering, the wild oyster.

While fine de claires are finished for a few weeks in salt ponds with 30-40 oysters to each square metre, these royal oysters are finished for several months in a luxurious space of two to three per square metre. That gives you an idea of how precious they are. Properly called the “Royal Oyster” Grand Cru de France, these deep-cupped delights are farmed in southern Marennes, France, by fifth generation ostreiculteurs Fabrice and Denis, who were recently in town to show them off.

Location of oyster farm in southern Marennes

Location of oyster farm in southern Marennes

The taste is sweet, clean and very smooth and best eaten pure and unaccompanied except with a glass of Muscadet. If you must, sprinkle a touch of black pepper. This is quite a contrast compared to the mineral flavours and  full creaminess of fine des claires.

Then there’s the wild oysters, which have been carefully selected and harvest by these same farmers. Not often found on plates in Singapore, they are darker in looks, lean in mouthfeel, with a relatively stronger, saltier flavour (thought still delicate and elegant) and are perfectly delectable.

Oysters best enjoyed unseasoned, or with a touch of pepper

Oysters best enjoyed unseasoned, or with a touch of pepper

Until 31 October, Ginett offers fine de claires, the Royal Oyster No. 2 and No.3 and wild oysters from the farm priced at $5-$8 per oyster, or on mixed platters ($30-$50).

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