From the owner behind the self-serve frozen yoghurt brand Sogurt, comes KARA Cafe and Dessert Bar with an extended offering of delicious hot dishes.

The idea for Sogurt came while owner Lee Li Ping was still pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina in Los Angeles. Sogurt finally materialised in 2010 after Li Ping had graduated. At that time, the frozen yoghurt trend was booming with brands like Yoguru and Frolick around. Fast forward seven years, the yoghurt scene has changed, with many new entrants like llaollao, Milk & Honey and Yami Yoghurt. Li Ping recognised that standing out among these yoghurt giants was becoming increasingly challenging and decided a change was needed.

Along came KARA, a casual homely café along Bukit Timah Road. KARA represents a marriage between Li Ping’s experiences of LA’s vast food scene during her university days and Singapore’s increasingly health-conscious population.

KARA takes the whimsical route in its interior

KARA’s pastel-coloured interiors

Food-wise, Li Ping has worked with her kitchen to showcase a variety of food cultures including Mexican, Korean and Japanese. One of KARA’s winning combinations is the Mexican-styled Taco Mexx Chicken ($13), which features succulent chicken slices served with some creamy avocado, corn kernels, jalapeno peppers and a side of crisp corn chips.  For those who prefer something tangy and spicy, try the Korean-inspired Tempura Fish Kimchi ($16), which comprises a crispy and juicy tempura fish fillet atop a bed of fresh cucumber cubes, avocado and edamame, topped with some piquant kimchi mayo, barbecue sauce and sprinkled with furikake.

KARA's Korean-inspired Tempura Fish Kimchi Grain Bowl ($16)

KARA’s Tempura Fish Kimchi Grain Bowl ($16)

A crowd favourite is Japanese-styled pork belly miso ($16)—chunks of tender braised pork belly served with an onsen egg, cucumber edamame salad, fragrant miso mayonnaise and garnished with generous amounts of nori and ramen crisps for extra crunch. Choose between a base of fragrant garlic Japanese rice or tasty quinoa salad ($3) for each grain bowl. For this topping, the rice goes perfectly with the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly and savoury ramen crisps.

KARA Cafe and Dessert Bar's mouthwatering Pork Belly Miso Grain Bowl promises a gratifying mouthful in every bite.

KARA’s Pork Belly Miso Grain Bowl ($16)

Another must-try is the Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots ($12). Recognising that truffle fries have become some form of staple in Singapore’s café scene, Li Ping wanted to incorporate some form of this in KARA. The result is crispy balls of potato, or tater tots, interspersed with truffle and topped liberally with nori, mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce. Even under all that sauce, every tot is served perfectly crisp and packed full of flavour.

Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots are one of KARA's creations since opening

One of KARA’s signature—Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots ($12)

Savoury dishes aside, KARA pairs its Sogurt soft serve and frozen yoghurt with skillet cookies and mochi-waffles. There is even a do-it-yourself counter with a wide variety of toppings. Choose from up to six homemade flavours of frozen yoghurt or ice cream.

617 Bukit Timah Road. Tel: 6468 8940

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