In every Singaporean’s heart, there is a special place for kaya. Most Singaporeans would have grown up with this traditional breakfast staple of coconut jam laced with pandan. But who would have thought that this humble condiment would have spawned an international business?

fong yit kaya on toast - singapore's favourite way to start the day right

Singapore’s favourite breakfast – kaya toast

Singapore kaya specialist Fong Yit began in 1945 when Mr Goh Hong Chit and his wife made kaya from scratch in their home and went door-to-door to households and bakeries in their neighborhood to sell. It was a tough life, but they truly believed in the quality of their product. Refining their recipe as they went along, Mr Goh finally perfected the recipe after developing a slow cooking method that would bring out a depth of flavour unique to their kaya. The brand has not looked back since then. Today, the 72-year-old recipe is what gives Fong Yit its signature flavour, propelling it to the top of its game.

One of the bestselling kaya brands in Singapore, third-generation Fong Yit has set its sights on bringing their kaya to the rest of the world. Though they only began export operations in 2016, Fong Yit is now available in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, France and Indonesia.

While Fong Yit is well loved for its signature traditional kaya, the brand has also evolved with the introduction of several new lines of kaya like XO Kaya and Kayamila which are primed for a different target consumer. The premium XO Kaya, considered the cream of its range, is less sweet, more fragrant and rich, while XO Kaya-Less Sugar appeals to the health-conscious with 25 per cent less sugar.

Fong Yit's Kayamila sea salt kaya slathered on a pancake with a side of juicy strawberries

Fong Yit’s Kayamila sea salt caramel kaya paired with pancakes

Kayamila is more experimental and incorporates uncommon flavours such as sea salt caramel, vanilla and calamansi, targeted at international palates and younger consumers. Coupled with a fresh new look, Fong Yit is all set to conquer the international market.

Find out more about Fong Yit’s long history in our story here.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Fong Yit Kaya. For more information, please visit Fong Yit’s website.
Cover: Calamansi Citus, made with Fong Yit’s Kayamila
This was first published in Wine & Dine’s August 2017 issue – ‘Love Singapore’

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