For Singapore’s food lovers, Long Beach is synonymous with quality seafood dishes and exotic treats.

When Long Beach first opened along the beach at Bedok Rest House (1946), Singapore was a very different place. The war had just ended; people rarely dined out; and unlike the variety offered today at Long Beach restaurants, there were only a few dishes on its menu. But the flavours were delicious, and the seafood was superbly fresh. No surprise then that the restaurant flourished.

Fast forward 71 years, and Long Beach had become synonymous with quality Singaporean cuisine and exotic seafood on the island. By the 1980s, Long Beach has become renowned for its signature menu featuring four popular dishes—its famous black pepper crab; BBQ live spring water Golden Phoenix fish; crispy duck and live drunken prawn with herbal soup. To date, the first among equals is still the black pepper crab, a veritable culinary masterpiece that boasts tender crab meat spiked with aromatic peppery spice. This signature dish remains a favourite amongst die-hard crab lovers, but it’s just one of many not-to-be-missed signatures at this Singapore institution.

long beach 2017: the brand's name is synonymous with this iconic black pepper crab dish - a hot favourite among local seafood aficionados and tourists in search of something quintessentially Singaporean

Long Beach’s iconic black pepper crab

Chilli crab, prepared with live Sri Lankan crab, is another must-try at Long Beach. The rich thick gravy of this evergreen dish is best enjoyed with homemade steamed or fried mantou (buns). For the more adventurous palate, try the classic white pepper live Alaskan king crab. The tender sweet crabmeat gets a delicious jolt of local flavour and spice from Long Beach’s fragrant, delicate white pepper sauce.

One of the first restaurants to feature exotic seafood on its menu, Long Beach also purveys unusual signature dishes such as live Australian lobster or live geoduck sashimi, served with superior stock steamboat. The crunchy sashimi, which has a natural sweetness, can be enjoyed raw or with the accompanying steamboat.

long beach seafood 2017: chilli crab - the dish synonymous with Singaporean food, with thick lusicous gravy and tender slivers of fresh crab meat

The ever-popular chilli crab

Another of Long Beach’s notable dishes is golden stripe live lobster, which first appeared in 1991. The highlights of this dish are the crispy moreish texture and juicy sweet meat of the lobster, which make it a crowd favourite.

While Long Beach may be better known for its seafood, its dessert offerings are equally tempting. Try signatures such as the special durian crumble tart and the mango sago with coconut jelly, the perfect sweet endings to Long Beach’s seafood feast.

long beach seafood 2017: for corporate functions or special occasions, long beach's king private room is available

Private dining spaces are available

Of the four outlets islandwide, Long Beach King—located next to Kallang Park KFC, best accommodates corporate dining as it offers two alfresco dining areas, which can house up to 22 tables; a customizable set menu for any occasion; and mobile partitioning for customizing private dining spaces to cater to all corporate functions. With its sophisticated yet homely repertoire of seafood dishes, Long Beach is the place to go for any occasion, casual and corporate dining alike.

Trace Long Beach’s illustrious history here

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Cover: Long Beach’s white pepper live Alaskan king crab
This was first published in Wine & Dine’s August 2017 issue – Love Singapore

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