Singapore’s first claypot rice and skewers cocktail bar has landed in a quaint spot on Dempsey Hill, and its name is Provisions.

Co-owned by Singaporean chef Justin Foo and head bartender KC Rahmat, Provisions is a marriage between Justin’s love for communal dining and KC’s knack for creating exciting cocktails.

In the kitchen, Justin calls the shots, putting together an Asian-centric menu of claypot rice, skewers and other side dishes. Provisions puts a healthy spin on the classic claypot rice with a special rice mix comprising five kinds of grains—white rice, brown rice, pulut hitam, terigu and barley. Go for the seafood claypot rice ($16), with fresh prawns and clams paired with liver sausage, atop Provisions’ signature fragrant and crisp rice mix. For the more adventurous, try the orh luah claypot rice ($18), a beautiful combination of two classic Singaporean dishes—orh luah (oyster omelette) and claypot rice.

Seafood claypot rice - Provisions' special rice mix with a medley of fresh seafood.

Seafood claypot rice, a signature at Provisions

Be spoilt for choice with the variety of skewers on offer (from $4 each), from pork jowl and chicken thigh to fried calamari and beef sirloin. Provisions also offers more exotic options for its skewers like chicken hearts, gizzards and even beef tongue.

Provisions' octopus skewers

Octopus skewers seasoned with black garlic, fennel and Szechuan pepper.

Outside, KC helms the bar with much flair, showing off his love of Asian herbs and spices through delicious concoctions. Try his signature cocktail Bantai Bandung ($14), a sweetish blend of rum, rose syrup, evaporated milk and gula melaka, and studded with green cendol jelly. Keep an eye out for the chrysanthemum-infused gin and tonic ($15), a delightfully subtle cocktail that cleans the palate nicely after a hearty meal. Infused with chrysanthemum for about three days each time, this delicious drink is sadly not a regular on the menu as KC likes to keep the bar menu fresh.

KC pays homage to the classic drink, Bandung, with the Bantai Bandung.

KC incorporates classic flavours of bandung in this special concoction named Bantai Bandung

An array of complimentary childhood snacks lie at the end of the bar counter. From haw flakes to kachang puteh, they are good for in between meals, after meals or even as a tip for the Provisions friendly staff. All menu items at Provisions are priced without service charge but they allow ‘tip-bits’, so feel free to tip any amount of snacks in their tip bucket.

7 Dempsey Road. Tel: 6250 7090

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