Resorts World Genting is in the midst of rolling out a whole new slate of restaurants. Head up to the highlands for a taste of international restaurants like Burger and Lobster, Motorino and Cafés Richard without travelling halfway across the world.

Over 70 F&B outlets are now available at the newly-renovated SkyAvenue wing of RWG, adjacent to First World Hotel, which currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest hotel.

executive chef andrea zorcolo of resorts world genting

Executive chef Andrea Zorcolo helms most of SkyAvenue restaurants

At the helm of the mall’s most familiar names is executive chef Andrea Zorcolo, and he’s redefining the way both locals and tourists view fine dining.

He believes Asian diners aren’t too fond of traditional French-style fine dining. “In Europe, they give you these tiny portions and flowers that I don’t really need. When I eat, there must be nice presentation, of course, but I want to have a good, hearty meal, so that I don’t have to look elsewhere just to fill my stomach,” he says. According to him, family-style dining is the name of the game here: portions have to be larger and the emphasis isn’t so much on the style and presentation of the dish.

Ingredients and authenticity are a priority as well. “At some of the restaurants here, they market their lobsters as Canadian lobsters—but once I looked at it, I could tell straight away it’s actually from Saigon (Vietnam), because of the segmentation and texture of its body. They charge you much more for an inferior product and this makes all the difference to the taste and dining experience. At Burger and Lobster, we make sure all the lobsters are from Nova Scotia.”

Popular UK franchise Burger & Lobster

And with this mind, be sure to check out SkyAvenue’s latest offerings. Here’s a quick snapshot of its highlights!


Famed Brooklyn pizzeria Motorino has opened their largest outlet yet—at 4,000 square feet, the Genting outlet dwarfs its Singaporean and Hong Kong counterparts.

According to chef Zorcolo, since Motorino dough doesn’t use any pre-made or frozen ingredients, everything is freshly-made from scratch—this can take up to 24 hours before it’s ready to go—in order to re-create that truly authentic New York-style Italian experience.

Motorino at resorts world genting

Motorino’s woodfired oven

With over 20 toppings available, you’re certainly spoiled for choice—just be sure to eat them piping hot!

And if you’re a guest at the hotel, you can even order a fresh-from-the-woodfired-oven piping hot Neapolitan Motorino pizza to your room.
Level 1, SkyAvenue 

Cafés Richard

Famed French coffee roasters Cafés Richard has opened their first retail café, complete with all-day dining options.

Cafés Richard interior at resorts world genting. it's the coffee roaster brand's first ever cafe

Cafés Richard

Beautifully outfitted with white marble and black accents, the café invites guests to dine in the main SkyAvenue atrium, underneath a magnificent skylight.

Be sure to ask coffee sommelier Thibault K. Bidi, who aims to start conversations about where the coffee we drink comes from, for drink recommendations—he’ll gladly tailor-make your beverages to your palate. Have him brew something up, or try Cafés Richard signatures that include Perle Noir, an exclusive Arabica brewed in French-style espresso, or coffee cocktails like the white Russian-inspired Coffee ‘In the Clouds’.

Fans of slow coffee can also choose from various methods— think French press, chemex, syphon or cold drip—to brew speciality beans like Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe (from 19RM/S$6), and the premium Jamaican Blue Mountain (from 58RM/S$19).

slow coffee brewed chemex-style at resorts world genting cafes richard

Coffee lovers are spoiled for choice at Cafés Richard’s first-ever retail cafe

You can also expect casual Parisian bistro-style items like classic French onion soup (from 19RM/S$6), salade niçoise (from 29RM/S$9) and croque monsieur (from 20RM/S$6).
Level 1, SkyAvenue 

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster first opened its doors in London in 2011, but has since expanded to over eight (soon to be nine!) countries.

burger & lobster's signature offerings, flatlay

B&L’s signature dishes, including The Original lobster (centre), comprising a whole lobster steamed or grilled with clarified butter or their ever-popular lemon-and-garlic butter sauce

Specialising in a minimalist menu centering around Nova Scotian lobsters, B&L has opened its first Asian outlet in Resorts World Genting.
Level 1, SkyAvenue

Malaysian Food Street

And if you’re looking for a little taste of home, RWG’s food-court style Malaysian Food Street boasts classics like Hainanese chicken rice, Malacca cendol and Sarawak laksa that—dare we say it?—formidably rivals its counterparts back home. Spanning over five zones, you won’t have any difficulty finding vacant seats in this sprawling food court, even with its popularity among the visiting tourists.

Resorts World Genting Malaysian Food Street local favourites satay, hokkien mee, nasi lemak

Hearty meals and local favourites at RWG’s Malaysian Food Street

The interior design and décor harkens back to the 1960s— take a look around and you’ll find relics from this era carefully arranged along the walkways as props while your food is prepared on vintage enamel crockery.

Hainanese chicken rice

Malaysian Food Street’s Hainanese chicken rice

For us, their rendition of Hainanese chicken rice was a standout—puffy white rice topped with tender white chicken breast freshly made by chef Leong Tien Tiong of Genting Famous Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. The Sarawak kolo mee, consisting of ‘QQ’ noodles in dark sauce with char siew and minced pork, was a delight as well.
Level 4, SkyAvenue

 But that’s not all: RWG is due to open their Awana factory outlets, plus their Universal Studios theme park at the end of the year—keep a look out for that! 

Cover: Burger & Lobster’s lobster roll

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