The World Gourmet Summit (WGS), Singapore’s longest running gourmet festival, is well underway. We chat with three visiting celebrity chefs whilst they are in town.

Quentin Glabus

About the chef: Quentin Glabus, Canadian first nations chef representative, is the executive chef of his eponymous restaurant Chef Quentin Glabus, Private Dinners in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Chef Glabus specialises in bringing the native ingredients of his aboriginal heritage to life. He was previously the supervising head Canadian chef for the Canadian Olympic House during the 2016 Rio Olympics, and executive chef for the Embassy of Canada in Beijing.

visiting celebrity chef quentin glabus representing the first nations of canada

Canadian chef Quentin Glabus

Why he’s in town: He’s showcasing native Canadian ingredients through a ‘Canadian Flavours with Quentin Glabus’ dinner and a series of WGS epicurean delights set menus at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.

Chef Glabus:
The concept for my six-course dinner was a coast-to-coast journey through the ancestral land. For my first dish of cedar plank red fish, wild potato, dungeness crab foam, apple crisp, pacific kelp, I cooked the fish on cedar planks, which is a traditional method of cooking used by native Canadians to yield a rich, smokey flavour.

It took me about six months to get the textures and flavour right for the wild rice soba, paired with pork broth with tender pork loin, fingerling potato, root vegetables. I wanted a play on soba noodles, a traditionally Asian dish, using wild rice, a common native Canadian ingredient.

Daniel Ovadia (Mexico)

About the chef: Founder of Bull and Tank Restaurant Group that has nine restaurants in Mexico and one in Paris under its stable. In 2016, he received the National Award for best Mexican Restaurant in the ‘Young Restaurant Entrepreneur’ category from the National Chamber of Restaurants and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) in Mexico.

wgs visiting masterchef daniel ovadia

Chef Daniel Ovadia

Why he’s in town: He’s participating in various events, including a culinary masterclass and luncheon at Miele Gallery and the Mucho Mexico dinner at El Mero Mero restaurant.

Chef Ovadia:
This is my third time in Singapore. Cooking for the WGS has been an amazing experience. Just for the dinner in Singapore, we created the black cod with black chichilo, black garlic and white onion dish, which was very well-received. The black chichilo is one of the main moles (sauces) of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a very complex sauce made up of ingredients like tortilla ashes, chilli ashes, tomato and onion ashes, pork broth, spices and herbs. We really wanted our diners in Singapore to try it.

ovadia food wgs 2017 visiting chef

I served a banana and cinnamon mole with duck breast at the culinary masterclass held at Miele Gallery. I think the flavours are a combination of sweet, sour, and a little spice, which would be easy for an Asian palate to appreciate. This mole is also one of our signatures and has been on our menu for 10 years.

I made a chinicuiles (red maguey worms) taco, as I wanted people to try the chinicuiles. A lot of people think red maguey worms have an intense flavour, but actually they have an elegant flavour and light crunchy texture. It’s like having tequila flavours without the tequila.


Noom (Thailand)

About the chef: Chef Thaninthorn Chantrawan (Noom) is Thailand’s Iron Chef of modern cuisine. He has 14 years of culinary experience working in top London restaurants including Thai Square, Princi, Momo and Sketch. In 2014, he was one of CNN’s top 10 best chefs in Bangkok.

Why he’s in town: He’s serving up a limited-run Thai degustation menu, and a set lunch that will run until 16 April

Chef Noom:
We brought in a lot of the ingredients from Thailand for this menu. This is in addition to the ingredients we brought over for the curry paste, like kaffir limes and lemongrass. We brought them all over and made the paste from scratch here in Singapore. This is because Thai lemongrass tastes different from the lemongrass you’ll find here in Singapore—it’s a lot stronger in flavour.

chef noom thailand iron chef wgs 2017

Chef Noom’s goong sarong

I serve a modern rendition of traditional Thai dishes. For example, the goong sarong dish is traditionally served with pork and rice noodles. As time went by, the dish was adapted to incorporate prawn because of our Muslim countrymen who couldn’t eat pork. When I worked in Momo restaurant in the UK, I realised that I could use filo pastry—it gives me a very good consistency and texture. It’s of a much better quality than wrapping it in vermicelli or rice noodles. Traditionally, we dip this in chilli sauce, but I’ve added some sweet Thai chili and avocado in it. I think it gives a very light mouthful. It’s a modern recipe on a traditional Thai dish.

Chef Noom’s WGS set lunch will be available at Patara Fine Thai until 16 April. 

 Don’t miss these deliciously exciting events coming up in the next few weeks.

Foundation of Japanese Whisky – 12 years of barrel aging
Date: Friday 7 April 2017, 7pm to 11pm
Venue: OSO Ristorante
Highlights: Try five whisky flights – from labels like Hakushu, Yamazaki and Nikki – excellently paired with specially-curated bites.

salted & hung wgs 2017 special collaboration

Salted & Hung’s chocolate salami with salted caramel ice cream

Salted & Hung x Stockade Brewing Co.
Date: Wednesday 12 April 2017, 7pm to 11pm
Venue: Salted x Hung
Highlights: Australian restaurant Salted & Hung’s signature beer pairing is refreshed with craft beers from Stockade Brewing Co., an New South Wales-based brewery.

Going Gluten-free: A Deliciously Gluten & Dairy-free Dinner
Date: Friday 14 April 2017, 7pm to 10pm
Venue: Open Door Policy
Highlights: A gluten-free breadmaking workshop, plus a dairy- and gluten-free four course dinner by ODP resident chef Freddy Ang

Check out the World Gourmet Summit calendar of events here.

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