Get to know the basics of sake this coming weekend (1 & 2 April) at PasarBella@TheGrandstand.

Taichi Abe, sake sommelier and founder of Sakemaru will be there to offer his expertise on different grades of sake, optimum temperatures for serving sake, and preservation methods like storage in snow. Some of the sakes he will be introducing include Shinomine from Nara, Hatomasamune from Aomori and Taxi Driver from Iwate.

Funaki sake brewery's sake

Funaki Junmai Daiginjo sake from Fukui prefecture

A bit about Sakemaru: it’s an online subscription service that delivers seasonal sake from boutique breweries to sake lovers every month. For the month of March for instance, one of the breweries featured is Kikuzakari Shuzo, who make the Taxi Driver brand of sake. Their junmais are made with a rice type called kakehashi, which is  usually used for cooking rather than sake brewing. Sakemaru also specialises in unfiltered and unpasteurised sakes, so if you like your namazakes, this will be a useful subscription to check out.

Taxi Driver sake brewed by Kikuzakari brewery in Iwate Prefecture

Taxi Driver sake from Iwate prefecture

Subscriptions-wise, there are basic, special and premium plans which go for $55, $110 and $145 per month respectively (six-month subscriptions are also available). For the basic plan, you get a 720ml bottle of seasonal unpasteurised limited sake, along with a brochure of the brewery and a how-to guide on enjoying the sake. The subscription package also offers the opportunity to store a 720ml bottle of rare sake in a sake cellar made by snow and leave it to mature there for a year. This method of storage at low temperature and high humidity is said to yield richer, milder sakes.

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Cover: Different types of sakes on display. Picture by iStock, for illustration only.

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