Stylish, family-friendly Spanish restaurant Pim Pam by FOC is a much-needed addition to the quieter end of Orchard Road.

This breezy 215-seat restaurant with oversized figurines and bright furnishing sets a whimsical mood and serves seriously good food at very reasonable prices.

Pim Pam’s very moreish Trinxat

We love the trinxat ($12), a comfort-laden dish of mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage, crispy pork belly and fried egg; and tinned cockles ($12) accompanied by simple crusty bread with tomato ($8).

Pork chop and scallop paella a la llauna

For mains, have the pork and scallop paella ($22) that’s uniquely cooked on a rectangular cast-iron pan, or a la launa style. Resembling a Japanese zen garden, this paella is a single, crisp layer of rice with lightly crowned scallops and juicy pork, which add depth to the flavour.

Pim Pam

Pim Pam’s crab croquette

The callos ($10), or stewed beef tripe with pork trotters, chorizo bits, chickpeas and toasted bread is another must-have. Or try the crab croquette.  For sweets, the churros ($4 for two pieces) are positively delightful—crisp, light and just sweet enough.

Pim Pam

Have yourself a happy cocktail hour at Pim Pam!

Apart from lunch and dinner, it is one of the few restaurants serving breakfast from 8am with a take-away counter for the time-tied, a child-friendly space for families and great cocktails (lovely presentations), as well as over 130 wines. What’s more, there’s happy hour to boot between 3pm and 6pm.

#01-29 Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road. Tel: 6100 4242

Cover: Pim Pam

This was first published in Wine & Dine’s March 2017 issue – Restaurants

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